Scalebound Revival Not Happening According To Phil Spencer

One of the most hoped video game that was canceled that many wanted to come back, Scalebound, had rumors that it was back in development again. Xbox Head has now made a statement regarding that.

Scalebound Revival is…

Unfortunately, Phil Spencer has confirmed that his development team is not working on it and has no plans on doing so. He revealed this on IGN’s Unlocked episode and was quite firm of his statement.

Spencer revealed game studio PlatinumGames is not working on it and have moved past it. They are now moving forward to other games that they are planning.

The Xbox Head had to inject reality back to the fans that were getting hopeful of the rumors about a revival coming soon. It was a hard decision to make that they had to cancel the game that they talked about for years already, but the reality is that it is not happening.

Spencer did say he has a lot of respect for PlatinumGames and they bear no ill will. There is no animosity between them. It is just something that did not work for the both of them.

Sorry guys, no luck on the revival. Time to move on.

Check out the IGN Unlocked episode here:

Thanks DualShockers.