Scarlet Nexus – Preview & Predictions

Scarlet Nexus is a JRPG game developed by Bandai Namco and will be released for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on June 25, 2021. Multiple gameplay videos have been posted by Bandai and have given us an impression of what kind of game it is.

Yuito Sumeragi (male protagonist of Scarlet Nexus)

After watching multiple gameplay trailers and trailers in general from Bandai Namco, it appears that Scarlet Nexus is a hack and slash JRPG game in which players will use short-ranged weapons like swords or daggers to inflict damage to the monsters. Not only that, I assume that players will require to upgrade their equipment and skills via a point loot system where players will earn certain rewards or points to spend for power-ups and skillsets.

In my opinion, this kind of upgrade system can be taken either way depending on how the developers improve on the game settings and such.

Kasane Randall (female protagonist of Scarlet Nexus)

Another feature that could be added possibly is a bonding point system. According to an interview of the developer of Scarlet Nexus, players can interact with their allies and learn their background and develop relationships with one another. Based on this interview, I speculate that your companions will be able to earn extra skills and abilities depending on their bond level plus there might be a chance that there will be a romantic route depending on which character you choose.

Sample Map Area of the game

Another prediction for this game is openly exploring the different parts of the city. As expected, this game can give players a chance to explore areas in the game that sometimes aren’t part of the main mission but mostly for side quests. Given the fact that if open-world is part of this game this will give players more to do more than explore but earn rewards and unlock hidden easter eggs or rewards. Though I expect there will be areas in-game that can not be explored, I am determined or hopeful to see more good content for this game.

Pre order-bonus set of the Deluxe edition of Scarlet Nexus

Character Costume Change and customization are also set to be included in this game. Based on the pre-order bonus given by Bandai Namco, players can get to style their characters with stylish accessories and costumes to make them more appealing. Probably in this game, there will be chances that players may unlock accessories and costumes in the game during side quests or main missions. Chances as well there will be free DLC costumes that can be downloaded from the future updates of this game.

Overall, I expect Scarlet Nexus will be a big hit to JRPG fans as it has already announced an anime version of it that will be premiered on July 1, 2021. Not only that, I sense a lot of fandoms since multiple Bandai Namco fans are cosplaying as a sign of tribute for the game. I also expect that the level of improvements for the game will set under a certain standard as they are using a new type of game engine that can lead to future games of Bandai to a new certain degree and create potential developments for all.