Scorn Launch Date is October 2022

We now have a launch window!


Ebb Software has announced today that Scorn, the first-person adventure game set in a nightmarishly biomechanical universe, will be launching sometime in October 2022.

The new announcement trailer teases players with a new in-game environment. It also makes them speculate about the disturbing encounters that await them on their journey to Scorn.

Aside from the announcement of the launch window, Ebb Software also released a new deeper development update for their Kickstarter community. Fans who have followed them can get a more technical look at the team’s development progress for Scorn, an interview with the art team, and behind-the-scenes sneak-peek at some work-in-progress content.

We’re really pleased to be able to share more news on the game and its release date,” said Ljubomir Peklar, CEO Ebb Software. “Scorn has been a real work of passion for the entire studio. The atmosphere, the journey, and the experience, we want every moment in Scorn to elicit an emotional response and feeling. It is our hope that Scorn stays with players long after they reach its ending. We’re looking forward to sharing more news and updates with our community as we move closer to launch.”

Scorn will launch on Xbox Series X/S and PC in October 2022.

Source: Press Release

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