Scorn Maze Puzzle Solution: How To Finish All 3 Mazes

Solving all 3 Maze Puzzles in Scorn is here

How to Solve the Scorn Maze Puzzle

Scorn‘s Maze Puzzle is found in the 4th act of the game where players will find themselves lost in a body of an unknown large creature and requires them to open three pathways into a maze. For this guide, we will tackle all the solutions on how to solve this difficult challenge.

How to Solve the Scorn Maze Puzzle?

To solve all the maze puzzles found in Act 4, return to the center of the map and look for a hub where it contains 3 maze panels. Access it and it will require players to get the white dot and orange dot to meet each other in the center. Do note that if you move the white dot, it will move on all 3 puzzles at the same time.

How to Solve the Scorn Maze Puzzle? Step 1
Step 1: moving the white dot on maze 1 to the south-east of the map

The first thing to do is move the white dot on 1st maze above to the southmost part of the map. Once you can not move anymore at the east furthest, switch to maze 2 from a counter-clockwise position.

On maze 2, move the white dot to farther east as possible til you can no longer move. Afterward switch to maze 3 and this time, move it straight toward the wall area to the right side of the orange dot.

Return back to maze 1 and players can move the white dot to the far east and then they can switch back to maze 3 where they can move north once and head to the far west.

How to Solve the Scorn Maze Puzzle? Final Step
Final Step: The path to the orange dot will be open

Finally, the path toward the orange dot will be open and clear and players can easily move the white dot directly to their target.

Scorn Maze Puzzle Rewards

Once the maze puzzle has been completed, the hub will seal itself and the chamber will start rising upwards like an elevator. Echoes of pain and suffering will be heard from the creature as it cries in eerie sound. When that happens, the whole quest will be complete.

How to Solve the Scorn Maze Puzzle? Rewards

That’s how you solve the Scorn Maze Puzzle. We hope this solution provided a lot of insight for you to progress your journey in the game. For more on Scorn, you’re already in the right place.

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