SD Gundam Battle Alliance Unit and Scenario Pack 3 DLC Out Now

New Mobile Suits, new scenarios, and more!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has recently announced that the SD Gundam Battle Alliance Unit and Scenario Pack 3 DLC is finally available.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance Unit and Scenario Pack 3 DLC Inclusions

The DLC is available for purchase and included in the game’s Season Pass. It is called Flash and Rebirth and contains two scenario missions and three new playable units. It includes:

  • Two scenario missions – “Rebirth by Destruction” and “Flash of Fate” 
  • Three playable units – Gundam Exia Repair IV, Xi Gundam, and Penelope 
  • The fifth and final EX Mission Extreme 5
sd gundam battle alliance

New Update 1.3

Update 1.3 adds a wide assortment of improvements to the game’s balance and progression. It also has enhancements towards abilities and playable units, and extra missions and items.

Previous DLC Packs

DLC packs that were introduced before have added missions and playable units from Mobile Suit Moon Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, and the SD Gundam Gaiden series. They can be purchased and included in the game’s Season Pass.

About the Game

SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE brings together different narratives that let players relive famous scenes and battles from the venerable mecha franchise. Players must join forces to correct a distorted world, overcoming rifts in time known as “Historical Breaks” to restore the true timeline of every Gundam series. SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE also features a progression system where players must develop, enhance, and reinforce their Mobile Suits with blueprints acquired during the course of their missions. The game boasts fast-paced combat and players will have a variety of melee and ranged attacks, combos, and charge-based special attacks for each Mobile Suit in their arsenals.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.