Sea of Stars Fishing Spots: Where to Find Each Fish

There are multiple fishing spots in Sea of Stars that you’ll come across in the open world. Each fishing spot offers different types of fish to catch, so there’s always a reason not to stick to one. Here’s a guide we made that shows you where to find all the fishing spots in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars Fishing Spot Locations

Here’s where you can find all the fishing spots in Sea of Stars and the fish they offer:

  • Cerulean Reservoir: Silicium Sponge, Laser Burbot, Cybernardl Hermite, Coil Flounder
  • Haunted Creek: Spectral Eel, Ghost Surgeon, Bone Pike, Lunar Trout
  • Lake Turquoise: Swordfish, Ninja Starfish, Fluorescent Piranha, Viridian Lobster
  • Lavish Lake: Man O’ War, Grass Haddock, Hardshell
  • Settler’s Rest: Grass Haddock, Hardshell, Seakjaw, Crimson Bass
  • Skybound Lagoon: Ninja Starfish, Sky Urchin, Cloud Skate
  • Sunglow Lake: Lunar Trout, Man O’ War
  • Watcher’s Pond: Fluorescent Piranha, Sun Carp, Crimson Bass, Viridian Lobster
  • Windy Loch: Lunar Trout, Grass Haddock, Hardshell

You can fish in fishing lakes found in the open world of Sea of Stars. It’s impossible to miss any of the fishing lakes in Sea of Stars on your playthrough. At some point in the story, you’ll be able to return to them to catch any fish you might not have been able to the first time.

Sea of Stars fishing lake

Some fish from certain lakes are more difficult to catch. While you already start off with a fishing rod from the get go in Sea of Stars, you can upgrade your fishing equipment once you get to Mirth pretty deep into the game. Once you’ve upgraded your fishing equipment, you can come back to have an easier time catching fish.

There are 23 fish species in Sea of Stars. Catching all of them at least once is a requirement for the Master Angler trophy. If you want all of the Sea of Stars trophies and platinum the game, you’re going to want to learn which lake has what fish.

Different fish provide you different ingredients that you use to cook food at the campfire. Make sure to pay attention to the silhouette you throw the bobber at to get an idea if it’s a type of fish you haven’t caught before. Upon catching fish from the lake, you can choose to either turn them into fillet for ingredients or let them go.

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