Sea of Stars Mountain Trail Guide

This guide goes through the Mountain Trail in Sea of Stars and shares some tips and secrets that can be found in the area.

Sea of Stars Mountain Trail cover

Sea of Stars follows the story of two Children of the Solstice, Valere and Zale, as they go on their quest to save the world from the evil deeds of The Fleshmancer. As they set off on their journey, they reunited with their old friend Garl, whom they hadn’t seen for a decade. Despite being an ordinary folk, Garl insists on accompanying the warriors in their journey to lend them a hand.

Read ahead as we go through the events in the Mountain Trail in Sea of Stars and share some tips and secrets that can be found within the chapter.

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Sea of Stars Mountain Trail Walkthrough

We find ourselves back to the Mountain Trail where we first saw our protagonists in the Prologue.

As they are camping, they hear some rumbling in the bushes where they find their old friend Garl. He has decided to join in the journey, and although the two are hesitant at first as Garl doesn’t have any powers, they later get convinced as they need someone to make them their meals along the way.

Garl is a defensive fighter and a good support. He can hold out on his own and can serve as a tank for the party. He can also give out food to the party during a fight which would lift the healing pressure on Valere and Zale.

Garl will teach you the basics of foraging and cooking. Go to the sparkling berry bush and interact with it to get some berries, then go to the campfire to start cooking. The cooking screen will show you all of the recipes that you have learned so far, as well as the quantity of dishes that you can make based on the amount of ingredients that you currently have. Create one Berry Jam to proceed.

After cooking the dish, you can then rest for the night.

Trails in the mist

In the following morning, you can then proceed in your journey to head to the Elder Mist. Go north and you will find a save point.

Take the cave first and you will find more Luslug enemies inside. Defeat them, then climb on the ledges to reach the top where you can find a chest that contains the Abacus trinket. This trinket will help you see the health bars of enemies once you equip it to one of your units.

Exit the cave, then climb the rock wall. To the west, go through the trees to reach the chest that contains a Basic Armor.

Head east and unroll the ladder to reach the area where you can forage more ingredients. You can unroll the next ladder to get a shortcut back to the overworld. Take this time to head back tot he Forbidden Cavern to grind some EXP just enough to help Garl level up; you can make the enemies respawn inside the cavern by taking a rest at the campfire.

Back at the Mountain Trail, cross the bridge and follow the winding path up ahead. Keep an eye out on ingredients that you can forage. You will encounter more enemies patrolling the path ahead; clear them out and then unroll the ladder up ahead to get a shortcut.

You will then eventually reach a cave where you can find a campfire, a save point, and a merchant. Once you’re prepared, continue on to the rock wall to reach the exit.

Back outside, defeat the enemies up ahead, and before heading west, look down south where you can find a cave entrance at the side of the cliff. Jump down, enter the cave, then defeat the enemies inside. Check the check to find 2 Shiny Pearls. To get back up from the cave entrance, climb the ledges on the left side.

Head to the west and then jump into the mistfalls to find a chest that contains the Recipe: Chaudrée. Continue following the path and defeating the enemies in the way. Make sure to unroll the ladder that you see for another shortcut back.

You will eventually see a cave entrance up ahead and a rock wall you can climb up. You can’t do anything inside the cave yet, so climb up the rock wall for now to reach the Sacred Pond.