Sea of Stars The Forbidden Cavern Guide

This guide goes through The Forbidden Cavern in Sea of Stars and shares some tips and secrets that can be found in the area.

Sea of Stars The Forbidden Cavern cover

Sea of Stars follows the story of two Children of the Solstice, Valere and Zale, as they go on a journey to perform a ritual that will prevent the world from being overtaken The Fleshmancer. The two protagonists find themselves back in Mooncradle Village, but without their old friend in sight. Now, they must head on to the journey that they have been training for, passing through the Forbidden Cavern once more.

Read ahead as we go through the events in The Forbidden Cavern in Sea of Stars and share some tips and secrets that can be found within the chapter.

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Sea of Stars The Forbidden Cavern Walkthrough

Enter the familiar cavern, then head into the cave west of the first chamber. You will find a pillar up north, but take note of this for now. Proceed to jump across to the west where you will encounter more enemies.

Once the enemies have been defeated, climb up the rock wall on the left side, then jump on to the platform. The platform will descend, raising up the other platform to the right.

Jump over to the next platform and climb up to reach the next set of rock walls, then follow the path to the right looping back to the first chamber.

Cross on the thin ledge to reach the other side where you will find a chest to the south that contains an Adventurer’s Vest. Then, enter the cave to reach the next chamber.

You will be fighting against more enemies. Clear them out, then climb the set of walls to the left first, then cross over to the right once you reach the top, and jump on the platform to raise the set of walls.

Climb the set of walls again to reach the chest on top that contains the Forbidden Cavern Key. Go back down and pull the lever to release the walls back to their original position. Climb the walls again and use the key on the keyhole to get to the next area.

In the small cave, you can check the picnic basket to find a Mushroom Soup. Then, interact with the magic scroll to learn the Mending Light Combo. There’s also a chest obscured by the left crystal that contains a Shiny Pearl. Continue to the next exit to loop back to the main chamber.

Climb the rock wall, then cross the rope bridge to reach the chest to get a Leeching Thorn. Head back to the right side and ride the platform down where another batch of enemies are waiting. After defeating the enemies, head to the main cave up north.

In the next chamber, the mechanism for the bridge is broken, so jump to the left side to take a detour. You will then find a save point and a campsite where you can rest and heal up. Make sure that you have prepared and equipped the new gear you found before heading into the next area.

Bosslug Boss Fight

In the next area, you will be facing against Bosslug which is a giant slug-like monster. Its main attacks are its sludge and it can shake the cave, causing boulders to drop. Time your hits to make the most damage out of them, and time your blocks, especially when the rocks fall down. It can also spawn acid bug bombs to act as additional enemies during the fight, which you must prioritize to prevent any explosions.

Keep attacking it with basic attacks to build up your combo meter, and save up your skills and combos for when the boss locks and channels for a powerful attack; more often than not, its locks will correspond to one of your skills or combo.

Once the boss has been defeated, you will earn 80 EXP and you will also unlock the Boss Slugged Achievement. make sure to check the huge cavern up ahead to find more chests that contain 60 Gold and another Adventurer’s Vest.

Exit the boss’ lair, then head south first. Interact with the stone to reactivate the bridge from before, then continue up north to exit the cavern.

A cutscene will then play showing four mysterious red-hooded figures mobilizing their plans. You will then find yourself in the overworld of Evermist Island.

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