Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect Options: What It Does

Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect cover

In the options menu of Sea of Stars, you may notice the option to turn on Pixel Perfect under the Video Settings. What’s perplexing is that the game doesn’t tell you what it does, which can be pretty confusing as to whether you should turn it on or off. Here’s a guide we made that shows you what the Sea of Stars Pixel Perfect setting does.

What Does Pixel Perfect Do in Sea of Stars?

Enabling the Pixel Perfect setting adjusts the game for those who are not playing on 16:9 monitors. This places black bars on the top and bottom of the screen so Sea of Stars isn’t being stretched out to meet your display. If you are playing on a 16:9 monitor, enabling this setting would do nothing for you.

Sea of Stars has an internal resolution of 16:9 which other monitors may not be in. Since most players are playing on 16:9, the Pixel Perfect option won’t do anything for them. Which is why so many are confused as to what this setting does. If you’re playing on bigger monitors, then enabling Pixel Perfect may be beneficial for you. Enable it and see if it does anything different for you.

The art style of Sea of Stars is gorgeous. Even on lower end PCs, it runs just perfectly. Developers Sabotage Studio did put some consideration to players who may be playing the game on monitors with different resolutions by including this setting. However it just wasn’t explained properly.

Now you know what the Pixel Perfect option does in Sea of Stars. We hope this guide helped make the game look better for you regardless of the monitor resolution you’re playing on.