Sea of Stars Prologue Guide

This guide goes through the events in the Prologue of Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars Prologue cover

Sea of Stars follows the story of two Children of the Solstice, Valere and Zale, as they go on a journey to use their powers and perform a ritual that will prevent the world from being overtaken by an evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer.

Read ahead as we go through the Prologue of Sea of Stars and share some tips and secrets that can be found within the chapter.

Sea of Stars Prologue Walkthrough

The game begins by letting you pick between the two protagonists of the game, Valere or Zale. You will be able to switch between the two of them later on, and the story and experience will be the same regardless of who you choose.

After selecting a protagonist, you will be greeted by a mysterious character known as The Archivist who will talk about The Fleshmancer and gives a brief reference to the two protagonists.

Next, you then get to finally see the two protagonists who are out to find a camping spot for the night. As you decide to split up, whoever you did not choose will go to the left while you head to the right.

Not even a few steps on your path and you will be confronted with an enemy which starts a battle. From here, you then get to experience the battle interface. Battles are turn-based and each unit gets to do their moves or attacks. Since it’s just part of the introduction, you only get to do a basic attack against the enemy for now. It will only take two hits for the enemy to be defeated, after which you can continue your way down the path.

As you traverse through the path ahead, you will be confronted by yet another enemy that has been chasing you from a distance. In this battle, you get to test out one of your character’s skills. You will only get to use basic skills for now, but different skills have different types of interactions that you have to perform them successfully. If you have selected Valere, her Moonerang allows you to hit the projectile back to the enemies with a timed press of a button, while Zale’s Sunball allows you to charge his flaming ball to dish out a more powerful attack.

After defeating the enemy, you then find yourself at a dead end with the other protagonist calling out to you after spotting a campsite. Interact with the ladder nearby to get down from the cliff you are on, then proceed to the west path.

Head inside the small cave where you will be in another fight. Defeat the enemy, then proceed to exit the cave. Follow the path through the cliffs and you will eventually arrive at the campsite. As the protagonist talk to each other while reminiscing of the past, the scene will then change, taking you back to 10 years ago.

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