Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 (SoftWeave+) – Review

A high-end experience.

Gaming is all about sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time, so it only makes sense that you’d want to be as comfortable as possible while you do so. Gaming chairs were designed for this very purpose. If you’re looking for something that will keep your posture in check and keep your buttocks well-cushioned while you work, these chairs are for you!

Secretlab is a manufacturer of high-quality chairs known for their innovative designs. With its high-end gaming chairs, Secretlab has earned a reputation for itself. Omega and Titan chairs were amazing in 2020 but the new 2022 model combines the best aspects of both to create a spectacular update from the previous model. Compared to the previous model, this one is a little more spacious and roomy.

We got to see for ourselves why these chairs are so popular by testing out the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 SoftWeave+ Black3 Edition all thanks to Secretlab for sending us one!

Packaging is often the first impression you have of a product. A large box houses all of the parts in order to provide the best possible protection against even the tiniest of scratches during shipment. There is also a thick layer of foam between the wheelbase and the tilt mechanism to keep them in place. The Secretlab logo and assembly instructions are printed on a large glossy cardboard that is included in the package. It’s a nice touch. Considering the TITAN Evo 2022’s high price tag, it’s hard not to be impressed by the company’s efforts to make the most of your purchase.

The TITAN Evo is no exception when it comes to assembly time. This task requires two persons, but the chair comes equipped with all the necessary tools. If you can get your hands on Secretlab’s bundled tools, you’ve earned a fantastic gaming chair as a result of your efforts. Surprisingly, we had an easier time putting this model together than our last one, which is a Secretlab OMEGA Batman Edition.

Secretlab’s 2020 OMEGA chair, which we’ve had for more than a year, has improved greatly. The OMEGA and TITAN chairs from Secretlab’s 2022 Series have been integrated into a single model. In order to provide optimum comfort, the new TITAN Evo chair features an integrated 4-way adjustable lumbar support that can be adjusted in height and depth.

Designed to work with the built-in lumbar support, a new pillow has been introduced. I appreciate the backrest’s four-way lumbar adjustment system, which is integrated into the metal skeleton of the piece. To adjust the lumbar support, there are two knobs on the backrest. The one on the right adjusts it inward and outward, and one on the left moves it up or down. With the inward curve of your spine aligned, it provides additional support when you are seated, and it made it easier for me to maintain a more relaxed posture.

Although the absence of a visible lumbar pillow might reduce the overall aesthetics, there are lumbar support pillows that can be bought separately if you want to, just like the 4 lumbar pillow variations from the Secretlab Harry Potter Edition.

There are also new features like CloudSwap armrests, a magnetic head cushion. Technogel Armrests can be bought as an add-on, although we have not tried this, it is said to help disperse heat for improved thermoregulation. They can be swapped out in a matter of seconds thanks to the use of magnets. Speaking of magnets, one of my favorite improvements to have are magnets in the headrest. There is no need for an elastic band because it attaches to the backrest’s head portion with a powerful magnet. In addition to being more comfortable, the new headrest has a lower profile than the previous one. The Memory foam on the headrest is also excellent.

It also has a wide range of fabric and leather color options to choose from. Secretlab claims that its SoftWeave fabric is an improved version of the original. The NEO Hybrid Leatherette from our old chair is quite comfortable and still in tip-top shape despite being more than a year old, but the SoftWeave in my new chair was a pleasant surprise in terms of quality feel and comfort. Although I’ve only had the chair for a few weeks, the material appears to be quite durable. Despite the lack of a better term, just looking at it gives away the fabric’s high quality. While it’s not uncommon for other lower-cost chairs’ upholstery to show signs of wear and tear within the first or second year, it’s comforting to know that this one is made to last for many years. While sitting down, I’ve found that the more breathable technology reduces overheating. Alternatives include hybrid leatherette, which I believe will be much hotter in the summer than SoftWeave+ because it’s made from synthetic materials. Stains are the only negative thing I can say about the fabric. You could say that about most materials, but in this case, especially with the lighter color options, it’s more obvious.

Additionally, the chair is available in three sizes: small, regular, and XL. Be sure to measure your height and weight before making a purchase to ensure a comfortable fit. Sizing information is available online to help you choose the right chair based on your height and weight. In my case, the regular size of this review unit might be too big for me because even with its lowest height configuration my feet couldn’t touch the ground properly as I’m only 4’11 in height. Luckily, I like bigger chairs as I prefer to sit with my legs crossed when sitting.

To me, the most appealing aspect of the chair is how it strikes the perfect balance between soft and firm in both the backrest and the seat itself. Chairs should be as comfortable as possible, just like a mattress shouldn’t be too firm or soft. The medium-consistency feel is perfectly captured that I can sit on it for hours and never feel like I need to move my position to stay comfortable.

A wide variety of seating positions are available on this TITAN Evo 2022 model. When set at an incline of 165 degrees, the back of the chair will lie nearly flat, and the entire chair can be tilted back for a more relaxed gaming experience. Just by how far it reclines, you might even be able to sleep on it.

It’s hard to find anything negative to say about the TITAN Evo 2022, in my opinion. Understandably, of course, being brand-new and all, the SoftWeave fabric had a distinct smell that did not go away for at least a week, which some of you might find bothersome. I did not spray aerosol deodorizers on it for the fear of ruining the fabric. Our OMEGA 2020 Edition, despite being leather actually smelled good, the kind of premium leather scent that you want to breathe in, so I sadly kind of expected the SoftWeave to be the same.

The only downside to the TITAN Evo 2022 is the prohibitive cost. Plus the cost of the additional accessories such as The CloudSwap Technogel armrests, or the external lumbar pillows are all in addition to the base price. Other fabric/leather versions and designs also cost more. The Secretlab TITAN Evo costs a lot of money, so buyers should think twice before making the purchase.

I don’t see many customers making the switch just because of the price difference between the older models. But I’m confident to say that the TITAN Evo is the best gaming chair you’ll ever buy, and it’s likely to last you a decade or more. Even though it’s a bit pricey, I think it’s well worth the money for a chair you’ll have for a long time. There are certainly other brands that are only half the price of this chair, but if you’re already looking for a new chair and have some money to spare, this is a great option. Your butt and back will be grateful, I promise.

Because of the pandemic, having a comfortable chair that you can use for both play and work is a worthwhile investment. If you spend a lot of time at home, you might as well invest in a chair that makes you feel comfortable and at peace. Not to mention that this chair looks awesome to complete your overall gaming set-up.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 (SoftWeave+)
With the Secretlab TITAN Evo, you'll never have to settle with anything less.
Comfortable and great lumbar support
Easy to assemble
Customizable colors and materials
Magnetic pillow
Accessories sold separately
Factory fabric smell takes a long time to dissipate