Sherlock Holmes Chapter One New Feature Video Focuses on Disguises

Sherlock Holmes

Game developer Frogwares has recently released a new video of upcoming video game Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.

This new detailed video showcases how the young and upstart detective makes use of his disguises in his investigations. The video also takes a look at the gameplay and various city districts.

Getting information out of suspects is a priority for Sherlock. But on the island of Cordona not everyone is so welcoming to outsiders. So hopefully a change of threads will get those tongues wagging.

Similar to Frogwares’ previous investigation themed titles, the game will however not simply tell you what disguise to find and use on characters. It’s up to players to logically conclude what disguise could work based on observation, additional clues and sound reasoning. Similarly, a certain disguise can have the opposite effect and cause a character to be even more tight lipped.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will release sometime in 2021 on PC (Steam, Epic, GOG), PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release

Here’s the new video: