Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Official Gameplay Video Out Now

Sherlock Holmes

The official gameplay video of upcoming video game Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is out now.

Media outlet IGN uploaded the official gameplay video today and it features snippets of how the game plays out. It shows Sherlock’s activities throughout the area he is currently located in this video like fighting criminals, investigating crime scenes, interrogating suspects, and more.

Players will be able to explore the location this game is set. They can check out buildings, open spaces, and other areas without issue. There are different activities to do as well and there are many fights to experience since the video mentions that this island is full of thieves. Enter fistfights against several opponents or be smart about it and distract them first before taking them all out.

Investigating crimes uses different kinds of methods that Sherlock employs like interrogating suspects and witnesses, checking out scenes, looking for some clues, and listening to rumors. He can also disguise himself with different costumes in order to gain the upper hand in tough situations.

In the comment section, some are complaining that the facial animations are too stiff. This is still the early parts of development, so there should be more time to polish these animations down the road.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is developed by Frogwares. It will be released this year for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Here’s the video courtesy of IGN: