Show Me New York Walkthrough – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A complete walkthrough on the events of the Show Me New York mission in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Show Me New York cover

Show Me New York is the third story mission of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. After getting fired for abandoning his students, Peter now has to find a way to get some income as he looks for a new job.

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Take photos for Robbie Robertson

After taking a call from Miles about the side gig, head over to Little Odessa and follow the marker to reach the next spot.

Take a photo

You’ll see two people playing frisbee across two buildings. Equip your camera, then focus (aim) on the two subjects until you get a green light and take your shot. You will be rewarded with 150 XP and 2 City Tokens for the shot. Robbie Robertson will then call you about the open call for photos.

Photo Ops will then be unlocked as a side mission. These are marked as green camera icons on the mini map once you’ve been to the general area of the event, while they also show up as green auras in the open world. It’s a good way to explore the city and earn a bit of XP on the side.

All Photo Op Missions

There are a total of 23 Photo Op missions available in the game and scattered across the districts on the map. Each shot gives out 150 XP and x2 City Tokens. Here’s a list of missions categorized by area:

  • Little Odessa
    • High-Stakes
    • We’re Here Every Week
    • The Bodega Beef
  • Williamsburg
    • Hidden Oasis
  • Downtown Brooklyn
    • Now That’s a Bridge
    • Beach Party
    • Champion of Champions
  • Financial District
    • It Was an Accident
  • Chinatown
    • Checkmate
    • The Little Taiyaki Cart
  • Greenwich
    • Telling Time
    • Greenwich Mural
  • Hell’s Kitchen
    • The Duel
  • Midtown
    • Audition Place
    • We Haven’t Forgotten
  • Upper East Side
    • The Roof Court
  • Central Park
    • To the Beat
    • The Truth
  • Upper West Side
    • Kinda Fanboys
  • Harlem
    • The City Game
  • Astoria
    • Step up to the Plate
    • The Masked Challenger
  • Downtown Queens
    • We’ll Treat you Like Family

After completing all of the Photo Op missions, you will unlock the New York, New York achievement.

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