Skull & Bones Officially Getting a Reboot

Game company Ubisoft has officially confirmed that upcoming video game Skull & Bones will be getting a reboot.

Skulls & Bones

Ubisoft revealed in a recent announcement that the production of the game is now in full swing and with a new vision. Their teams at Ubisoft Singapore are fully committed to launching the game and will be supporting it in the future. They also confirmed that it will not appear at Ubisoft Forward today since they are currently working on plans to present it on another time. They promise that it will be worth everyone’s patience.

The reason for delaying the launch was because they needed more time for production. Their scope was bigger and due to that the challenges were also bigger.

The game company stated that the difficulties they faced made it necessary to delay the launch. They needed to address certain questions like how to modernize classic pirate fantasy, ensuring a more immersive and visceral experience, and other reasons. These made it clear that the team needed more time.

The team behind the game has also recruited more members in order to have fresh eyes on it. Creative Director Elisabeth Pellen was one of the members of the core team and since then more talents have been invited and joined.

Ubisoft promises to have more details coming next year.

Source: Ubisoft