How to Get Rope in Sons of the Foreset

Here's how to stock up your rope supplies in Sons of the Forest

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There’s a lot you can get done with crucial resources like the Sons of the Forest rope. This material is very important in building, crafting, and overall survival in the island you’re stuck in. So it’s in your best interest to stock up on as many rope as possible.

So how do you get rope in Sons of the Forest? And is there a way to farm them?

Where can I find rope in Sons of the Forest?

Rope can be found in cannibal villages, caves, campsites, on the beach, small boats, and the Yacht. This item gradually respawns after a certain amount of time.

Where can I find rope in Sons of the Forest

There is unfortunately no way to craft rope in Sons of the Forest so you’ll really have to look for it. With the rope you’re able to craft repair tools, weapons & armor, towers, ziplines and shelters. Since it’s a rare resource to get, you might be inclined to save up until you really need to use it.

You cannot order Kelvin to look for rope as he’s only able to find other resources such as fish, arrows, sticks, and etc. If you want rope, you’ll have to look for it yourself. Thankfully there are plenty of possible areas that the Sons of the Forest rope can spawn in.

Sons of the Forest Rope Farming

The best place to farm rope is on the northern areas of the island. There are plenty of abandoned camps to be found and you can often find rope by just walking through shorelines of the beach.

A neat trick is to farm for supplies in front of cave entrances where you could potentially find rope. You don’t need to go inside where enemies are because cave entrances usually have some resources which you can come back to because they respawn. Take note of the cave entrances locations or put a GPS locator on it to come back later.

To further help you out, here’s a detailed map showing a set of spawn locations where you can farm ropes:

Sons of the Forest Rope Locations
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If you’re prepared for a fight, cannibal villages are a good place to look for rope. Though we recommend you get one of the Sons of the Forest guns before you head over.

Keep in mind that you can only carry a limited number of the Sons of the Forest rope in your inventory. A maximum of 10 stacks of this material. This is important to remember when your farming rope as you might not have space for it when you set out.

That’s how to get the Sons of the Forest rope. We hope this guide was informative.

Also check out this video by ZaFrostPet showing all the best Rope Locations in Sons of the Forest:

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