Sony Makes Last Minute Update To PS5 DualShock Patent

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment seems to have added a new feature to the PlayStation 5 DualShock controller at the last minute.

Sony last minute update to DS5 patent

The DualShock 5 controller seems to have another new feature to its design and the game company added it at the last-minute to the patent for the controller. It seems to be something of a new input that the previous controllers did not have.

The DS5 controller should not be that different from its predecessor DS4 controller at least of its overall design. The joysticks will still be in the same place, the directional pad and the shape buttons will remain in the same positions, but the PlayStation button will be removed. In place of that will be other features added.

Remember the add-on the DS4 will be getting that will include two new buttons behind the controller? This is similar but this time it will be four buttons behind the controller. There will be two big and two smaller buttons that will be divided into pairs. Each side will have the big and small button.

Based on their size, these buttons will have unique functionalities. The big buttons look like they will work like knobs. It might adjust the length of the handles of the player’s controller or something like that. This is all conjecture at this point since the patent did not give an in-depth description of these buttons.

It should be noted that the game company submitted this as a utility variety rather than design. Utility patents usually lead to new product developments whereas design focuses on altering something that was already made. It is also possible that this latest patent could be for something other than the DS5 controller

The PlayStation 5 is planned for release on holiday 2020.

Source: LetsGoDigital via GameRant

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