Sony Patents New Feature To Block Spoilers For Gamers

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently patented a new feature that would block spoilers for gamers.

Sony patents anti-spoiler feature

The new patented feature is called the Cross Platform Spoiler Block Service. Sony filed this patent in order to prevent from other gamers who post videos or screenshots of big spoilers from games that other players have not tried out yet. This was filed at the USPTO or the United States Patent and Trademark Office just recently.

To check the full details of the whole document, check here.

Done reading it? To put it simply, it will be a feature that will allows Sony’s users to block content from others that they might consider to have spoilers. Let us be honest, some developers, publishers, reviewers, and other members tend to accidentally post screenshots and videos that have spoilers for others. And some are very naughty about those posts too, intentionally posting them to ruin others’ gameplay and story immersion. With this feature, these types of players will have an ease of mind and enjoy the game in their own way.

For curious players who really want to know what happened, they have the option to unhide these posts if they want. No one will prevent them from doing that as long as they were warned beforehand and they accept the consequences of getting spoiled. There are those types of players.

This could mean the upcoming next generation PlayStation 5 could have this intriguing feature when it comes out. Of course, there is a somewhat related feature already on the PlayStation 4. The console has the ability to hide trophies that could give away certain details that are considered spoilers for others, well they are obviously spoilers because they announce certain scenes in games that others have not encountered yet.

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