Sony Removes Mario Creation From Dreams Following Nintendo Demands

Nintendo is infamous for being a publisher who is quite territorial over its own intellectual properties. The number of people who have been sued for using their iconic company properties are surprisingly high. This also extends to some fan made, non-profit works. In this case, one for the new game creation system, Dreams, for the PlayStation 4 was sent a complaint by Nintendo to take down one of the creation their players made.

Creator Piece of Craft made a Super Mario model that was pulled by Sony after receiving a complaint from Nintendo. The Dreams player then went on to share this on twitter.

This model of Mario was available for anyone playing Dreams to use for their own creative purposes. But as of now, can no longer be accessed following Sony’s decision to pull it from Dreams. However, other players have used the model for their own creations, and its unknown if they have been affected by this decision.

One thing can be proven from this move from Nintendo, is that players in Dreams ought to be careful about who’s intellectual property they decided to put in their own creation. Especially when dealing with Nintendo as the company has a long history of suing others for use of their IPs.

Source: IGN

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