Square Enix Possibly Preparing for Potential Acquisition

All of these are speculation for now but they all line up too easily.

New rumors say Square Enix is possibly preparing itself to make it more appealing for a potential acquisition.

With the big news yesterday of Square Enix selling off Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix Montreal, everybody might be wondering what was going on the heads of the higher ups. While some might be thinking it was some random move from the game company, it seems they are actually preparing themselves for something else.

Some believe Square Enix purposely sold off some of their western IPs and game studios in order to prepare itself for a major acquisition. Journalist Jeff Grubb believes this is the case right now, but he does not have any concrete information to confirm or deny this.

Grubb revealed that the idea of Square Enix preparing to get acquired by a bigger company is actually not based on insider knowledge. His usual sources that are close with these game companies would not share any details or even make comments about it. It seems any leak that might get out will definitely cause legal consequences, which is the reason for them to be more careful this time.

Others think Square Enix had sold off their western IPs and studios and streamline its holdings. This will avoid potential FTC antitrust issues in the future if some big company will procure Square Enix aka making it more appealing to acquire.

Grubb does say that Square Enix could be doing this just to reinvent itself. Its president has already expressed its interest in NFTs, and probably the ones they let go like Deus Ex could not have any potential growth so it would have been better to let others acquire them.

Many believe that the big company that has plans to acquire Square Enix is, of course, Sony Interactive Entertainment. Again, there is no concrete evidence to support this, but the movements of Square Enix seem to be too convenient and SIE is quite close to the company. We shall wait and see on who will show their moves soon.