Star Ocean The Second Story R Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

The original Star Ocean The Secord Story was first released in the late 90s. The game has been remastered a few times since, but it was until now that the game has been remade. Start Ocean The Secord Story R is that remake and it brings all the things that made the original so great for many fans and even added some features that somewhat put it on par with modern JRPGs. In terms of functionality, of course.

In this Star Ocean The Second Story R trophy guide, I’ll tell you what you need to be aware of if you’re going for the game’s Platinum trophy. The good news is that, compared to Star Ocean The Last Hope International, you won’t need a minimum of 500 hours and half a dozen playthroughs to get Platinum. It’s just a minimum of two playthroughs for The Second Story R.

There are 51 trophies to collect while being stranded on an unknown planet:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 3 Gold trophies
  • 5 Silver trophies
  • 42 Bronze trophies

Star Ocean The Second Story R Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Master of the Star Ocean: Proof of one who has completely mastered the oceans of stars.

Gold trophies

  • Hero of Light: An honor bestowed upon those who complete the game as Claude
  • Hope of Nede: An honor bestowed upon those who complete the game as Rena
  • The Destroyer’s Truth: Ultimate proof of learning the truth and besting the ultimate destroyer

Silver trophies

  • An Otherworldly Paradise: Proof of miraculously reaching Energy Nede despite the perilous circumstances
  • Angel Beneath the Earth: Proof of victory over the being who awaits in the depths of the Maze of Tribulations
  • Rapturous Angel: Proof of defeating the crazed celestial being summoned by the Devil’s Aria
  • Heroic Feet: Proof of walking more than 40,000 steps
  • The Wise Are No Match for the Grind: An honor bestowed upon a stalwart soul who emerged triumphant in the Ten Wise Men Return

Bronze trophies

  • Visitor from Afar: Proof of starting the adventure as Claude
  • A Fateful Encounter: Proof of starting the adventure as Rena
  • The Evil Stone: Proof of solving the incident in Salva Mines
  • Kidnapped No More: Proof of rescuing the town of symbologists from their plight
  • A Growing Experience: Proof of crossing blades with mighty opponents at the Armory Contest
  • Whatever the Outcome…: Proof of seeing the Armory Contest through to the end
  • The Ore of Hope: Proof of finding the precious mineral in the Hoffman Ruins
  • Revenge!: Proof of defeating the commander of the monster army
  • Blue Wings Racing through the Sky: Proof of soaring with the Psynard
  • The Warmth of Long Ago: Proof of learning Rena’s past in a certain laboratory
  • A Crack in the Seams: Proof of defeating one of the Ten Wise Men for the first time
  • The Final Battle Awaits!: Proof of a final night spent in L’Aqua
  • The Sultry Symbologist: Proof of recruiting Celine
  • The Cursed Swordsman: Proof of recruiting Ashton
  • The Spitfire Creator: Proof of recruiting Welch
  • The Young Inventor: Proof of recruiting Precis
  • The Scholarly Pharmacist: Proof of recruiting Bowman
  • The Fiery and Fixated Aristocrat: Proof of recruiting Opera
  • The Itinerant Archaeologist: Proof of recruiting Ernest
  • The Lone Worf Swordsman: Proof of recruiting Dias
  • The Scientific Whiz Kid: Proof of recruiting Leon
  • The Gentlehearted Zoologist: Proof of recruiting Noel
  • The Hot-Blooded Journalist: Proof of recruiting Chisato
  • The Gang’s All Here: Proof of assembling a full party of 8 characters
  • Trustworthy Forerunner: Proof of doing battle with an advantage due to the Super Speciality “Bodyguard”.
  • Now I’m Really Ticked Off!: Enter Rage 10 times due to fallen party members
  • Let’s Do This as a Team!: Proof of using assault actions 20 times with set party members
  • Time to Hone Our Skills!: Proof of improving a battle skill, IC, or specialty skill for the first time
  • Let’s Make Something!: Create an item with an IC skill
  • Tearful Bunnies: Upset bunnies 10 times
  • Astute Angler: Proof of a first-class who has caught many kinds of fish and obtained the Masterwork Rod
  • Intergalactic Thief: Proof of successfully pickpocketing 20 times
  • Super Duper: Proof of learning a super specialty
  • The Almighty: Proof of reaching max level in all 28 IC skills, specialties, and super specialties
  • Steady Progress: Proof of completing 100 challenge missions
  • Personal Relations: Proof of deepening friendship through lots of personal interactions with party members
  • Place of Interest: Proof of discovering a unique spot for the first time
  • Five-Star Chef: Proof of an ultra-elite chef who bested Yarma, the God of Food, in Cooking Master
  • Outstanding Insight: Proof of having correct predictions at the Bunny Races
  • The Wandering Way: Proof of walking more than 8,000 steps
  • Seven-Colored Voices: Proof of freeing the entire Voice Collection
  • Intertwined Futures: Proof of seeing more than 15 endings

While the Platinum trophy requirements aren’t as demanding as other recent titles, you will still be spending more or less 80 hours on the planet Expel. And I’m being generous here. By usual standards, the original Second Story was relatively short in terms of story length. Even with all the additions, there’s no way that you can tack on 100 hours’ worth of new activities just for the sake of increasing playtime.

You will need to do two full playthroughs as Claude and Rena, respectively. But things should be easier the second go around. You’ll also have to recruit all the characters into their respective parties. There should be around 11 of them.

Oh, and if you are expecting to fill encyclopedias with enemy-type encounters and boss fights after unlocking Universe difficulty, then you will be somewhat disappointed.

The Almighty Bronze trophy is your first proof of how much grinding will be required going forward. The trophy asks you to reach the maximum level in all 28 IC skills, specialties, and super specialties. The process of leveling up specialties is tied to how often you use its related skills. It’s a long process, so you better have a plan of attack for all the skills.

If the Cooking Master challenge is the same as it was in previous versions, it’s going to take a combination of the right skills and a pinch of luck to win it all. The Five-Star Chef Bronze trophy requires you to best Yarma in Cooking Master. The best characters for the job will be ones that have the Sense of Taste talent and Cooking specialty at their maximum. It also helps to have a lot invested in the Courage skill as well.

There are myriad ways to deepen relationships in the original game. To get the Personal Relations Bronze trophy you’ll need to stretch your creative writing muscles. One of the ways is to have characters write books after learning the Publishing Super Speciality and then have another character read them. Be careful about who you share books with. As good as they are for improving relationships, they also have the potential to destroy them.

Right now, I don’t have a clue as to what 100 challenge missions look like on the way to get the Steady Progress Bronze trophy. I’d imagine that it won’t take forever. But our reviewer insists that it is very much doable. I think the same goes for the Astute Angler Bronze trophy. If this fishing trophy is similar to other games, it will depend on where you choose to fish more than anything else. But if there is more to it than that, we’ll see if it warrants a separate guide of its own.

The Seven-Colored Voices Bronze trophy is probably going to be the hardest trophy to get. From what we know, there are 17 voice collections to complete. The problem arises from the fact that there are more than 1,000 entries from enemy encounters and also counting from the main cast of 13 playable characters. Additionally, there are voice entries from late-game and secret bosses to collect as well.

Seeing more than 15 endings to get the Intertwined Futures Bronze trophy can be intimidating but I believe you can get a good number of them out of the way after the first playthrough. The rest will be up to satisfying the conditions for any other potential endings you didn’t get the first time.

And that’s all I’ve got for this Star Ocean The Second Story R trophy guide. Many long-time players consider this the best in the series, and for good reason. The characters and stories are so fondly remembered, even to this today. Personally, Till the End of the Time is my personal favorite. And after talking to other Star Ocean players, I can see why they speak of it in such high regard. Good luck out there, Trophy hunters.

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