Star Wars Battlefront: “No Space battles, No prequel era”




As the title goes Star Wars Battlefront will not have space battles and prequel era settings, vehicles and characters. Star Wars Battlefront is a game known for its story telling from the prequel era down to the formation of the 501st legion and their exploits. Another known feature is its space-level battles which every gamer who has praised the battlefront series has been crazily waiting for. However Patrick Back, General Manager at DICE released a statement to IGN that Battlefront will not revolve much around space. He stated that “Most battles are planetary battles, so our focus right now is to make sure we only get that right. The core of Star Wars battles — the Endors, the Hoths, et cetera — you want to take that to perfection. You want to do it right.”


star wars battlefront art 1

Battlefront Producer Craig Mcleod added, “No space battles. It’s all about the epic planetary battles and getting that right. Fighting with X-Wings and TIE Fighters, we have that. It’s taken in the atmosphere. This is something we discussed with Lucasfilm and they were happy to be on board with that.”

With these statements from Craig and Black, fans should be expecting exciting grounded battles as Battlefront has set to improve its planetary battles to a whole new level as it brings space to the ground.


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