Star Wars Eclipse Leak Says Game Still 3-4 Years Away from Launch

With a game this big, this leak could be possible.

After the big reveal at The Game Awards 2021, a new leak about the upcoming Star Wars Eclipse surfaced and it is related to its development time span.

According to Tom Henderson, a popular industry insider, has recently discovered some new details about the upcoming Star Wars game. A very recent post from him revealed the possible timeline of the game’s development. He revealed that it is currently 3-4 years away and that is the minimum of the estimated development time. Unfortunately, this could extend for longer depending on how grand the scale of this game could be and it is possible with the footage everyone saw last night.

Another detail Henderson revealed was the writer of the story, which is done by Quantic Dream Paris and David Cage is “very much involved” in it. The plot is still unknown, but we all know that it will be focused on The High Republic era.

Lastly, the industry insider revealed that Quantic Dream Paris is currently having difficulty in filling positions at the studio. Henderson said that the developer currently has over 60 job openings at the Paris location and nine more positions in Montreal. This situation they are in could be due to the studio’s controversy way back then.

Take everything here with a grain of salt for now as Quantic Dream has not made any statements to confirm these.

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in development.

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