Star Wars Eclipse Reportedly to Reveal New Race (Update)

This new race is violent and has some "unique politics".

Update: A new report by media outlet Insider Gaming has confirmed that the original report by Sacred Symbols is actually a controlled leak by Quantum Dream. It is to gauge community reactions and to help with the recruitment for new talents for the studio.

Original story below:

A new report has revealed that the upcoming video game Star Wars Eclipse will reveal a whole new race.

YouTube channel Sacred Channels transcribed by media outlet VGC reportedly has revealed some interesting story details, a new race, some of the main characters, and more. The host Colin Moriarty clarified that the game is still not really in production yet.

The host then described documents that were provided to them which seems to be an overview of one of the game’s main characters and their motivations. The report revealed that the game is being co-written by David Cage and Adam Williams.

The host then revealed the new race, which is a human-like race called The Zaraan. One of the main characters is named Sarah, who is described as an athletic individual and looks to be around her 30s. The Zaraan is a race not seen in Star Wars before.

The channel then told more details about this new race. It prides itself on political and military aggression with one difference: males and females have their own roles and responsibilities. When they marry, the couple will become one governing unit that will work together, which is quite unique to the race.

Sarah is a fanatical true believer in the violence and criminality regularly happening in the empire. She is also married to Xendo who is far more violent. One part of the game will revolve around this crazy couple.

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No official confirmation yet from Quantic Dream so we will have to wait for a big announcement from them.

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