Star Wars Jedi Survivor Accessibility Options Features Ability to Slow Time

The highlight feature is Slow Mode that makes the whole world slow down.

EA Games and Respawn Entertainment have recently revealed the new Star Wars Jedi Survivor accessibility options including one particular feature that can be quite helpful.

Senior Director of Development Jonas Lundqvist recently shared a statement regarding Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s accessibility options and the learnings they got from Fallen Order. “We were fortunate to receive great feedback from the community when we released the original game back in 2019, enabling us to keep improving the game after launch. That experience, and those learnings, have been hugely important in getting us to where we are today as they’ve influenced our process as well as specific features on Jedi: Survivor, and so we’d like to thank our community for that as together we are opening the game up for more players to enjoy.”

Respawn Entertainment designed various Star Wars Jedi Survivor accessibility options to make the game more accessible to more players worldwide. These options include control customization which allows remapping controls, subtitles and closed captions that can be adjusted during cutscenes, conversations and battles, and visuals that include HUD scaling, color profile settings, stabilizing UI dot, and more.

star wars jedi survivor accessibility  options

For Difficulty Options, there are five distinct difficulties to choose from. These are:

  • Story Mode – Allows players to enjoy the story more and make enemies easier to deal with. Parry times are easier and damage taken is only minimal.
  • Jedi Padawan – Offers a bit more challenge than Story Mode. Parry times are still easier but the damage dealt by enemies has increased a bit.
  • Jedi Knight – This will be a challenging option as players will need to time their parries right.
  • Jedi Master – More challenging for players with enemy aggressiveness increased a bit.
  • Jedi Grand Master – The top difficulty to choose from with parry windows is small and enemies are powerful.

Note: There is no difference in the in-game rewards for changing difficulties. Just enjoy which difficulty you are most comfortable with.

Gameplay Modifiers are helpful options that can be adjusted at almost any point in the game. These options are camera options for auto-targeting, button mash options, hold/pull toggles, and navigation assist which includes audio ping.

The highlight of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor accessibility options is the Slow Mode, which allows players to slow down the action of the world. If they feel the challenge is too high, this would be the best option to survive a fatal attack. It depends on your preference, but it is an option to choose from.

“The Slow Mode has been a particularly exciting feature to work on because of its versatility,” Lundqvist explains. “It primarily started out as a feature that we thought would be helpful in combat, but quickly realized that it could be beneficial for anything with a timing component. It opens up some of our platforming to be more accessible, allows for different reaction times and helps make the game generally more accessible to a larger audience.”

Star Wars Jedi Survivor launches on April 28, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.