Star Wars Jedi Survivor Blaster Stance Combines Best of Both Worlds

Best of both worlds! Combinations are endless!

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Cal Kestis has some new moves to show off, especially his stances which are more than the ones in the original game, Fallen Order. One of those moves is the Blaster stance and many have been wondering what that really consists of. Is it only the blaster or does it have a lightsaber on the other hand too? Design Director Jeff Magers from Respawn clarifies this.

In an interview with Wccftech, Magers was asked about the Blaster Stance since it was unavailable in the game demo the media outlet tried out recently. The interviewer wanted to know if Cal is only using the ranged weapon he has when in this stance or does he have another weapon on the other hand too. Magers clarified that.

The design director revealed that since their games are about Lightsaber combat, so of course the Blaster stance is a Blaster-based Lightsaber stance. “It’s Blaster plus Lightsaber,” he said. When pressed on the details, he denied explaining further.

In the latest PlayStation Blog post, there are some more details explained. According to the post, Cal performing the Blaster stance will be able to unleash blaster and lightsaber combos. He will equip one in each hand to dispatch foes in “creative and visually spectacular ways.”

On Xbox Wire, another hint was revealed. Cal can charge the blaster pistol to unleash a barrage of blaster fire on enemies. Imagine the various combinations of attacks with the blaster and lightsaber with this stance on multiple enemies. Endless.

star wars jedi survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor launches on April 28, 2023, on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.