How to Get the Commander Outfit in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This guide will teach you how to get the Commander Outfit and materials in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Commander Outfit cover

The Commander outfit is a set of garments that Cal can wear in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. This is a 3-piece set coming from different high-ranking warriors who have fought valiant battles in the past, and each piece of the set comes with its own materials that can be obtained in order to unlock their other color variants.

Read ahead as we go through the details on how to get the Commander Outfit and materials in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The Commander Outfit set consists of the following garments:

  1. Commander Jacket
  2. Commander Shirt
  3. Commander Pants

1. Commander Jacket Location

The Commander Outfit can be obtained in the Arid Flats in Jedha. Start by traveling to the Anchorite Base meditation point, then follow the path up the ridge passing by the two mounts. Keep hugging the path to the left, then cross the gap towards the next raised cliff and you will find the Commander Outfit inside the chest up top.

Commander Jacket Material Location

The Commander Jacket material can be obtained in the Lucrehulk in the Viscid Bog, Koboh. Starting from the Hangar Rafters meditation point, go to the left side and cross the gap to the next room. Take the path on the right and enter the doorway on the right, then jump dash to the grate, then through the green laser wall.

Go to the next grated wall and climb up it, then jump towards the next green laser wall to the right and continue running the wall. At the end, wall-jump up and take the doorway to the left, illuminated in orange. Continue running the walls on the right, curving all the way to the left, and you will eventually reach the chest that contains the material.

2. Commander Shirt Location

The Commander Shirt is the easiest piece to get, as you simply need to travel to Rambler’s Reach Outpost and head to Doma’s Shop, the building with the green door. Inside, talk to Doma, and you will be able to purchase the Commander Shirt for 3 Priorite Shards.

3. Commander Pants Location

The Commander Pants can be obtained in the Loading Gantry of the Lucrehulk in Viscid Bog, Koboh. Before looking for this piece, you will need to have BD-1 learn Electro Dart first.

Once done, travel to the Hangar Rafters meditation point inside the Loading Gantry, then look to the left, where you will see a blue fuse. Shoot an Electro Dart at this fuse to disable the laser wall beside it.

Grapple towards the room above, and you will find the chest that holds the Commander Pants.

Commander Shirt and Pants Material Location

For the Commander Shirt and Pants material, go over to the Arid Flats meditation point in the Arid Flats, Jedha. Just near the meditation point, you will find the chest that contains the material for both the Commander Shirt and Pants.

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