How to Solve the Diagnostics Corridor Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This guide will teach you how to navigate through the Diagnostics corridor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Diagnostics Corridor cover

The Diagnostics Corridor is a section in the Koboh Observatory in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. As Cal and Bode try to infiltrate the observatory to face Dagan Gera and retrieve the compass. The inner workings of the observatory are almost maze-like, not to mention that it’s sprawling with enemies.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to navigate the Diagnostics Corridor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Diagnostics Corridor Puzzle Walkthrough

Coming from the exterior of the huge flying structure, you will eventually find a vent that you can open to gain access inside and reach the Diagnostics Corridor.

Continue moving through the path, and you will arrive at the inner ring, where there are moving panels that you can grapple and walk on. Time your jumps accordingly until you arrive at another panel that you can grapple on to. This panel will fold as you grab on to it, allowing you to move to the next panel and dash through the laser wall.

The next section will have a meditation point that you can access. Up ahead is a section with a revolving door that you can open by interacting with the panel.

Defeat the guards within the circular room, then use BD-1’s Electro Dart on the blue section of the middle pillar to move the door once again. More enemies will show up, so clear them out first before shooting the pillar again. 

In the next room, pick up the launcher balloon and bring it to the opening in the back. Set the balloon out, grapple towards it, and look to the right to see another balloon. Jump off the second balloon and into the laser wall. In this room, you will get a Datadisc.

Take the door on the right to get back to the previous room, then grab another balloon and take it to the room where you just got the Datadisc. Use this balloon to reach the Force Essence on the higher platform.

Head back to the pillar room and shoot the pillar one last time to move the door and reveal the path ahead. You can scan the pillar to get the Minor Oculus Databank.

From the previous room, take the launcher balloon and take it outside, making sure to place it on a spot where you can jump to the next grate. Once you are on the grate, keep moving towards the left by jumping on the moving panels once more.

Latch on to the grapple point to gain access to another corridor through its broken window. Climb the grate on the right up to a higher level, then follow Bode to the next area where there are a lot of droids. Push through the droids carefully, and you will reach another grapple point that leads to the Grand Oculus and its meditation point.

That’s how to solve the Diagnostics Corridor Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you want to find all the collectibles in this area, you can check out our guides below on how to unlock map upgrades to reveal all the collectible locations:

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