Star Wars Jedi Survivor Length – How long to beat

Here's how long to beat Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

How Long to Beat Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Bigger, longer, and deadlier you could be wondering about the Star Wars Jedi Survivor length and how long it takes to beat the entire game. With Respawn Entertainment taking all the right steps to make this sequel bigger and better, Cal Kestis is going to need all of his new Jedi powers to assist him every step of the way.

Read on as we show you how long it takes to beat Star Wars Jedi Survivor for both the average playtime and a 100% complete playthrough.

How Long Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

It will take around 17 hours to beat Star Wars Jedi Survivor on the average Jedi Knight difficulty when you’re focused on the main story, side quests, and some exploration. On higher difficulties it will take around 25 hours on Jedi Master and 29 hours on Jedi Grandmaster depending on how good you are at combat.

This is according to our experience with the game thanks to a review copy of Star Wars Jedi Survivor from EA. We got to complete the game exploring a lot of the new open ended worlds while playing around with the various new lightsaber stances that are in the game.

Those aiming to complete getting all the trophies and platinum Star Wars Jedi Survivor will need around 40 hours to gather all the collectibles required. Thanks to the bigger and more open ended maps, you’ll have to take the extra initiative to explore every nook and cranny that each world has to offer. There are a lot of hidden collectibles to find and Force powers to master.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Length - How long to beat

The difficulty you play and how you play the game is a deciding factor for how long it’ll take to go through the Star Wars Jedi Survivor length. You may have difficulty in certain boss fights or may find some puzzles easier than most.

Is Star Wars Jedi Survivor Longer Than Fallen Order?

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor length is significantly longer than Fallen Order. It offers larger worlds, more collectibles to gather, and fighting styles to master.

Fallen Order did have a more open environment, allowing you to travel back through worlds and navigate through beaten paths freely. However it was also linear so you didn’t need to spend too much time in it unless you’re really looking to accomplish everything. The environment and areas in Survivor is a lot more expansive to the point of offering fast travel for the first time to help getting around. You can even tame the local wildlife so you don’t have to travel on foot all the time.

Compared to the Padawan that he was in Fallen Order, Cal is now a fully fledged Jedi Knight with the skills to back it up. You have five new lightsaber stances to master, each having their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

That’s the Star Wars Jedi Survivor length and how long to beat. We hope this guide was informative. To know how we think about the game, also check out our Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Review.