Star Wars: Squadrons Hunted CG Short Revealed

Star Wars Squadrons

Game company EA just released a new CG short titled Hunted for upcoming video game Star Wars: Squadrons.

This new short CG film’s first half focuses on the battle at Var-Shaa as the New Republic fleet strikes at the Imperial Dockyard.

Squadron Leader Varko Grey is the main focus of this film as he gets abandoned by his team as he did not make it to the lightjump sequence. He tries to sneak off quietly by the debris, but was spotted by the New Republic fleet’s renegade X-wing. He gets hunted relentlessly as they spiral down the planet, but survives the ordeal and gets rescued in the end.

This film was made in collaboration by Motive Studios, Lucasfilm, and ILM. This is set before the events of the game and introduces players to one of the ace pilots who they will be fighting together in the story.

Star Wars: Squadrons will launch on Oct. 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam,, and Epic Games Store. It will be playable in VR on PS VR and PC with cross-play support.

Pre-order now to get the Var-Shaa Hunter and Var-Shaa survivor cosmetic items, which were inspired by this short film.

About STAR WARS™: Squadrons:

ALL WINGS REPORT IN – Plan skirmishes with your squadron in the briefing room before taking off to the evolving battlefields across the galaxy. Compete in intense 5v5 multiplayer dogfights or unite with your squadron to tip the scales in monumental fleet battles. Together, you’re the galaxy’s finest.
MASTER LEGENDARY STARFIGHTERS – Take control of different classes of starfighters from both the New Republic and Imperial fleets – including the agile A-wing and the devastating TIE bomber. Modify your ship, divert the power between its systems, and destroy your opponents in strategic space dogfights.
GET IN THE COCKPIT – The cockpit is your home. Use its dashboards to your advantage and – with just a thin hull of metal and glass between you and the perils of space – feel the intensity of combat from a first-person perspective. Take off in thrilling multiplayer modes and a unique single-player STAR WARS™ story, which covers a key campaign near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War. Immerse yourself in the pilot’s seat completely with the option to play the entirety of STAR WARS™: Squadrons in Virtual Reality (VR) on PSVR and PC.

THE MISSION IS CLEAR – STAR WARS™: Squadrons is a fully self-contained experience from day one, where you earn rewards through play. Climb the ranks and unlock new components like weapons, hulls, engines, shields, and cosmetic items in a clear path for progression that keeps gameplay fresh and engaging.

Check out the short film here: