Star Wars: Squadrons Devs Have No Plans for Post-Launch Content

Star Wars: Squadrons Creative Director Ian Frazier recently confirmed in an interview about their plans for the game.

It seems like EA will not have any long-term plans for the game and will stay as is. Frazier officially confirmed this in a recent interview with Upload VR. There will be no post-launch support, which is mostly the standard these days with other popular games.

Frazier reiterated that Squadrons was not designed as a service game.

Never say never, so to speak, but as far as our philosophy goes we’re not trying to treat the game as a live service.

We don’t want to say, ‘It’s almost done!’ and then dribble out more of it over time, which to be honest is how most games work these days. So we’ve tried to treat it in kind of an old-school approach saying, ‘You’ve paid the $40, this is the game and it’s entirely self-contained. We’re not planning to add more content, this is the game, and we hope you understand the value proposition.’

Frazier also stated that from the start what they wanted for Squadrons was a space combat game and no other variety whatsoever. So the idea of having fights in the skies of a planet or bombing land bases is not happening. His explanation was that they wanted to separate it from other games like Battlefront.

The creative director also denied that the game will come out on Oculus Quest in the future. It will only stay on PC and consoles with compatible VR headsets.

Source: Upload VR via VG247