Star Wars: Squadrons to Follow Old School Unlockables Formula

Star Wars Squadrons

Game company EA just surprised everyone with a reveal of a new video game that many Star Wars fans have been waiting for, which was Star Wars: Squadrons. It is a video game that lets players pilot starfighters and be inside the cockpit to fight against the Empire or join the other side and squash the New Republic. Just recently, a gameplay video was revealed showing how players can do that in the game with so many other details that many were looking for.

There were some left out information that the recent EA Play Live event did not show. One of those is the content of the game, if it was a full game or the possibility of having several downloadable contents in the future.

Creative Director Ian Frazier recently divulged some critical information to Polygon in an interview in regards to that.

According to Frazier, EA will launch this upcoming game with full content. They will follow the old school formula and mentality.

“You give us your $40, we give you the game,” said the creative director. “It is a fully self-contained experience. It’s not, ‘Well, okay, here’s part of the game and the rest of it will be out next week.’ No, it’s the whole game.”

Frazier did say that Star Wars: Squadrons might get upcoming DLC, but for now they will be delivering a full game. The developers will not talk about live service or DLC or anything else. They are not going for an incomplete experience for the players.

So expect the starfighter pilot game to be a full experience and not just missing very important and likeable features. It seems the developers have learned from the feedback they got from previous Star Wars games like the initial launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II. With this old school formula, players will be able to unlock secrets, characters, skins, and others by just playing the game or performing feats. It is good that they have learned from their old mistakes.

Star Wars: Squadrons will launch on Oct. 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Origin with compatibility with the PlayStation VR and PC VR systems. It will also support cross-play across all platforms.

Interview source: Polygon