Star Wars: Squadrons Ranks, Rewards and Progression Revealed

Game company EA recently revealed some new information about Star Wars: Squadrons about the ranks, rewards, and progression of the game.

The game is self-contained where all progression, unlocks, and rewards are earned via gameplay. There are three things to remember for the online experience, which are the Challenges, Operations, and player Level. Each of these categories can reward players with Glory, a currency only earned by playing and will be used to unlock cosmetics.

Experience (XP) is also earned by playing the game, which allows players to level up and earn Requisition. The latter is a currency used to unlock ship components.

Post-match earnings are rewarded via Challenges. There are Daily and Operation Challenges, which are timed, rotating objectives that can be completed to get rewards while playing. Completing these Daily Challenges regularly can keep players getting rewarded while playing Squadrons. They are usually simple objectives that can provide them with Glory to unlock cosmetics for pilots and starfighters. It is also encouraged to try different ships and components to achieve completion.

Glory can also be earned based on how players perform in a match. Operation Challenges are different because they can reward them with unique cosmetics and will be tied to the game’s ongoing Operations.

Operations are 8-week cycles that happens in the game. Each of these Operations brings with it a set of unique cosmetic rewards that can only be earned via completion of Challenges. Challenges will offer unique rewards and limited so players will have to wait for a long time for it to return again.

Fleet Battles rank is tied to the 8-week resets as well. After an Operation’s is finished and starts a new one, a competitive rank tied to the Fleet Battles will reset. In order to get that first rank, players will need to play in ten placement matches.

Check out the ranks below from lowest to highest:

Maverick – Hotshot – Hero – Valiant – Legend – Galactic Ace

Thomas Mir: Operations are our take on competitive play through a ranked ladder system that resets every 8 weeks—a way for our players to test their skills and teamwork capabilities in our more strategic mode: Fleet Battles.

The system is built to encourage players to improvement their skills without being overly punishing if you run into some bad luck:

  • Players are protected from demotion into lower divisions for the length of an active Operation. (Editor’s note: This means you cannot drop from Legend to Valiant but you can drop from Legend III to Legend II.)
  • At the end of the Operation, players receive Glory based on the maximum Rank achieved rather than their current Rank. This is to push pilots to go as far as they can!
  • Players also get exclusive helmets upon reaching the Valiant, Legend, and Galactic Ace Ranks for the first time. These are the same across all Operations, so if you didn’t manage to get the ones you wanted during your first Operation, you can still get them in the upcoming ones.

Each player will have their own personal level to check out. Their level is a linear progression path that will not reset compared to the competitive rank. Requisition points will be unlocked for the first 40 levels, which can then be used for unlocking ship components. Players who hit 40 will guarantee have all the needed points to unlock all components, which allows them to try out every potential starfighter build.

There are occasional bonus events to enjoy from time to time and that includes providing additional Glory. Aside from that, completing parts of the game will land players with cosmetic bundles. Completing the single-player story mode rewards them with a bundle of cosmetics and another for completing Fleet Battles tutorial.

Star Wars: Squadrons will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is compatible with PS VR with PC and PS4 versions compatible with HOTAS.

Source: Official Website