Star Wars: Squadrons Minutes Streamed In First Week Revealed

Star Wars: Squadrons

Game company EA just released some statistics of its recently released video game Star Wars: Squadrons.

According to the official Twitter account of EA Star Wars, Squadrons was livestreamed and watched for 88,900,000 minutes. This is equivalent to over 169 years. Well, it does make sense with its popularity on the platforms it was available and the many livestreamers who took to the internet to show their gameplay while they played with other players.

This was also to celebrate the milestone they got in digital sales for just one week. The game was also the most downloaded title in the UK just recently.

Aside from the livestream minutes, other stats were revealed. 15 percent of the gaming community played the game with VR headsets, the most popular New Republic starship was the X-Wing while the Imperial side was The Interceptor, total Capital Ships destroyed were 97,855,884 while Starfighters were 599,481,422, and total drifts accomplished was 15,970,273.

EA thanked the fans and players for playing the game and participating in online gameplay.

Star Wars: Squadrons is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.