Starfield: All That Money Can Buy Mission Guide

This guide talks about how to complete the All That Money Can Buy mission in Starfield, and share the locations of some of the collectibles.

Starfield All That Money Can Buy Mission cover

All That Money Can Buy is one of the main missions in Starfield. In this mission, Walter Stroud has entered into a negotiation with someone who has gotten their hands on an artifact, and Walter is dead set on getting it, no matter the cost.

Read ahead as we go through the events of the First Contact mission in Starfield, as well as talk about how to reach its different endings.

How to start the “All That Money Can Buy” Mission

To unlock the All That Money Can Buy mission, progress through the early story missions until you complete the Into the Unknown mission. Afterwards, you will be able to speak to Walter Stroud to begin the quest.

“All That Money Can Buy” Mission Walkthrough

Make your way over to The Lodge in Jemison where you can speak to Walter Stroud. He will talk to you about an appointment that he set up in Neon for an artifact, and he will ask for your help to be his bodyguard. Accept his request to proceed.

Travel to Neon

Fly over to Neon in the Volii System. Once you land, talk to Walter again by the landing bay to get more details about your plan.

Check in at Stroud-Eklund HQ

Cross the walkway to reach the elevator, then head up to the Neon Upper Platform. Then, follow the marker to your right to reach another elevator that you can ride to reach the Stroud-Eklund Corporate HQ. You will then be greeted by the secretary who will buzz you in for the appointment.

Talk to Issa Eklund

You will then meet, Issa Eklund, Walter’s business partner and wife. She then talks about Walter’s plan, something that she found out form hiring a hacker, and she expresses at how precarious Walter’s meet up will be. Issa offers her help by suggesting to investigate the seller first and then making sure that the meeting location, the Astral Lounge, will be case for their advantage.

Before heading over to do the tasks, Walter will give you 1,000 credits to work with, and he also points you to their broker James Newill to get some info about the seller.

Investigate the Seller

Follow the marker to the south and you will arrive at Newill’s Goods. Talk to Newill and you may need to talk about Sieghart at first before you can see the dialogue option for Walter. You can then persuade him to tell you about the seller or you can bribe him to do so. Newill will then tell you that the seller is in Sleepcrate One.

Search the Seller’s Sleepcrate

Follow the next marker to reach the Sleepcrate. The door to the crate is locked, so you will have to lockpick it. Once done, head inside and check the computer for some clues through the files in it.

Ask about Security

For the next task, follow the other marker to reach the Astral Lounge. Go to the other side of the lounge and talk to Boone the bartender. Talk to him about the security of the place and tell him that you need the security to be on your side if ever things go south. You can then either persuade Boone to to give you the VIP treatment for just 1,000 credits, or you can pay the 4,000 credit price for it.

Check the door controls

Head to the elevator in the lounge and go to the VIP Balcony. Follow the marker to Booth 3 and access the computer inside the booth. You will then need to hack into the computer using a Digipick and access the file that says Remote Door Control to get control over it for later. Before leaving the floor, check Booth 1 to find the Skill Magazine – Neon Lights 02 on the table.

Talk to Walter Stroud

Go back to Stroud-Eklund HQ and talk to Walter to tell him that you’ve done your tasks.

Go to the Astral Lounge / Talk to Walter Stroud

Make your way back to the Astral Lounge, then talk to Walter once again. He will tell you who to look out for and what code to use once the seller is spotted.

Locate the Seller / Talk to Walter Stroud

Head over to the area near the bar where you will see Musgrove, the seller, and the big briefcase where the artifact is. Tell him that you’re with Ramsay and Travers. After Musgrove confirms, you can get back to Walter and he will tell you what to do with the deal, such as not to worry about the asking price as long as you get the artifact.

Negotiate for the Artifact

Go back to the VIP Balcony and go to Booth 3 for the negotiation. You can then have a talk with Musgrove who will be asking for double of what has been agreed upon for the artifact, as expected. You can then persuade him to take the agreed price through any means; you will still eventually get the artifact afterwards.

Head to the Entrance

Once you get the artifact, leave the Astral Lounge. However, you will be stopped by a Slayton Agent who plans to seize the artifact and take it back to his employer. You can either persuade him to let you go, or you can call for Neon Security. You will also have the option to attack them instead. The choice is yours, however do remember that you will get a bounty if you attack them outright or they attack you after failing the persuasion.

Talk to Issa Eklund

Right by the doors of the lounge, you will find Issa once again. She will report that Slayton ordered to have your ship impounded as he really wants to get his artifact back. The next step is to meet with Slayton himself at their HQ which is also in Neon.

Go to Slayton Aerospace HQ / Find a way to the next floor

Go back to the elevator and head up to Slayton Aerospace. Once you get inside the building, talk to the lady at the front desk and you can either persuade her to let you make an appointment with Slayton, or immediately turn hostile against them. In case you fail the persuasion, you can still try to get inside the elevator by stealthily going into the security office in the lobby and getting the Executive Level Access Code which will allow you to use the elevator.

Whichever option you choose to get access to the elevator, take a minute first before riding it to check the table in the lobby to find the Skill Magazine – Cyber Runner’s Cypher 01.

Talk to Walter / Go to the next floor

Take the elevator to meet Slayton, however, they will have rigged the elevator to trap you in. Thankfully, Issa got your back and she’s operating remotely to help you escape. After talking to Walter, follow Issa’s cues to make your escape.

As you exit the elevator, turn right and lift up the vent grate to access the vents. Follow Issa’s lead through the vents and corridors until you reach the marked door. If you get caught in any point in this escape, all the guards will be alerted and you will have to fight your way to the exit.

Climb the Trade Tower

Once you reach the exit door, you will have to make your way up the Trade Tower while still fighting against security. Follow the catwalks all around the tower and you will eventually reach a door that will lead directly to Slayton Aerospace.

Confront Nicolaus Slayton

Continue following Issa’s lead back into the building and you will arrive at the Executive Office where Slayton will confront you. You will then have two options to choose from; you can either tell him to get into a business deal with Walter, or go hostile and attack him and his men. If you go hostile on them, there will be a bounty on your head, but you get to loot the guards afterwards. Going for the business deal would be the easier choice.

If you plan to go for the peaceful route, Slayton will agree and you get to keep the artifact, although he passes on the decision to you on what to do with Musgrove who they have captured for stealing the artifact.

Talk to Musgrove

Head into the office where you will find an injured Musgrove. You can then decide to either turn him into the authorities, let him go, or kill him. The only difference that your actions will drive is your companions’ approval towards you. After making your decision, make sure to check the chest nearby for some loot and then go back to the elevator to leave the area.

Go to the ship / Talk to Walter Stroud

Make your way back to your ship and then talk to Walter about what happened. You will then be rewarded with 10,000 credits, a Fiscal Quarter Shotgun, and some 6.5mm CT ammo.

Take off from Neon / Return to the Lodge

As you make your way back to space, a ship will intercept your course and you will receive a transmission from its passengers identifying themselves as the Starborn, and they demand that you hand over the artifact to them. After having some dialogue with them, the mission ends and you will receive 400 XP, and you will immediately start the next mission.