Starfield: How to Dock Your Ship

Starfield how to dock ship cover

As fun as it is to wander the endless space in Starfield, you’ll eventually need to dock your ship. This is how you visit several locations in the game, including important ones where you need to go to complete quests. Here’s a guide that teaches you how to dock your ship in Starfield.

How to Dock Your Ship in Starfield?

Get within 500 meters of the place you want to dock your ship. Once you’re close enough, you’ll receive a prompt to dock. Either hold “R” if you’re using a keyboard or press and hold “X” if you’re using an Xbox controller. Upon pressing the prompt, you’ll be treated to a small cutscene of your ship docking.

Be warned that many major port locations in the game will scan your ship for contraband. If they detect any, the authorities will confiscate any stolen items before they’ll let you in. You can resist them, but you’ll have to fight your way.

Once you get close, you’ll also notice that the prompt gives you the option to hail by holding “E” on a keyboard or holding “A” if you’re using an Xbox controller. This opens up communications with the space port you wish to talk to before docking.

How to Dock Enemy Ships in Starfield?

Docking your ship isn’t just available at major space ports. You can also dock enemy ships once you’ve damaged their engines, once you have the Targeting Control Systems skill from the Tech skill tree.

However, they’ll eventually repair their engine if you take too long to do this. The prompt to dock enemy ships will appear once you’re near enough. After boarding an enemy ship, you’ll have to fight against its crew before you can sit on the pilot’s seat to capture it.

To add an enemy ship to your fleet, you’ll have to go to the docking area and then register it for a fee. You can then decide to keep your newly acquired ship or sell it for credits. However, you can also customize the ships you’ve registered if you choose to make improvements.