Starfield: Where to find The Den in the Wolf System

This guide talks about The Den and how to reach it in Starfield.

Starfield The Den cover

The Den is one of the stations that can be visited in Starfield. This station is known as the haven for smugglers as there are no regulating authority that patrols for any contraband. Read ahead as we share how to get to The Den in Starfield.

Where is The Den located in Starfield?

The Den location in Starfield

The Den is found within the Wolf System, which is an unnamed star system that can be found between the Alpha Centauri and Narion systems. The Wolf System is about 16 lightyears away from Alpha Centauri, a distance that most basic ships can cover easily. The Den can be found orbiting the smaller planet surrounding the system’s star.

To get to The Den, simply approach the space station and prepare to dock once you are within range. Even though the system has a UC outpost in it, they do not perform checks around the station, so you won’t need to wait for your ship to be scanned.

The Den is a good alternative place to sell contraband, especially if you have to sell one and you don’t have access to the Kryx System yet.

Where to find the merchant to sell contraband to in The Den?

Where to find the merchant to sell contraband to in The Den

Once you’re in The Den, go up ahead to the next open area past the ship technician, then turn left to see the Trade Authority kiosk. The merchant inside the kiosk can then buy regulated goods and contraband from you. Like many other merchants, this one will also have a limited amount of credit to buy the goods from you.

In case you have a cargo ship full of contraband that you want to sell in one trip, you can simply sell all that you can sell, then let 48 hours pass by sleeping in your ship, and his credit stock and inventory should be replenished once you get back.