Starfield: How to Use Digipick to Unlock Safes

This guide explains how to properly use Digipicks to open locked items in Starfield.

Starfield Digipick cover

Digipicks are specialized tools in Starfield that are used to unlock locks—basically, a digital lockpick. These devices can unlock any standard digital lock, provided that players input the right combinations. Read ahead as we talk about how to properly use a Digipick to unlock safes and other locked items in Starfield.

How to get Digipick in Starfield

Digipicks can sometimes be found carried by enemies, or they can be bought from merchants in the miscellaneous category of their goods. It’s best to have a good stock of digipicks in your inventory in case you encounter a lock that needs picking in your journey.

How to use Digipick in Starfield

Once you find a locked item, like a safe or an electronic lock, you can then interact with the item, provided that you have a digipick in your inventory. This will then bring up a puzzle minigame where you will see multiple rings with notches on them. To the side is where you will find your “keys” or “pegs” that can be inserted into the notches. The combination of the notched rings and the keys will be random in every lock, but the keys that you will have will always be a match to the notched rings.

To solve the puzzle, you will need to use the right key combination to remove the rings and do a successful unlock. You will need to solve the outermost ring first before you can solve the inner ring. Some keys can possibly fit in more than one configuration, but there is almost always only one solution with the order of keys that you need to use.

With this in mind, you need to plan ahead and visualize which keys will go to which notch in order to solve it properly. You can select whichever key to use first by pressing the arrow keys or D-Pad buttons. Once a key is used, it will be spent; you can reset, but it will consume a digipick. In case you fail the puzzle, the digipick will be spent, and you can try again if you still have another digipick on hand.