Starfield and Redfall Far from Ready to be Released Claims Leaker

Microsoft seems to be in a hurry to publish these titles.

A leaker has recently shared a new report on upcoming video games Starfield and Redfall, which looks a bit concerning.

Starfield and Redfall are in “Rough Shape”

According to a Resetera user going by the name Horns, both upcoming video games Starfield and Redfall are far from ready to be shipped despite the release dates coming closer. The leaker claims that both titles are in a “rough shape” and “should use more quality control” before they get released. They did note that Redfall looks to be in a “better shape” compared to Starfield, they are convinced that these two games are still not ready to be released before June 2023.

Compensate for Azure Losses?

During the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Director showcase, Bethesda confirmed that Redfall will be released on May 2, 2023. The other game, Starfield, is one of the most anticipated games for this year developed by Bethesda and is planned for release sometime in June 2023. The leaker claims that Microsoft is rushing to release both games before June 2023 because it lost a lot of money on developing Azure this fiscal year. The release of both titles will help ease the losses if this leaker’s info is to be believed.

Microsoft seems to have made some bad choices recently and everyone has to take the fall with them.

Redfall, coming on May 2, 2023.

Both Redfall and Starfield have been delayed once already so it would not be surprising if Microsoft decides to delay them again in the near future.