Starfield Confirmed Only Single Player and Game Engine Overhauled

Game company Bethesda’s upcoming space-based video game Starfield was announced way back two years ago during the E3 2018 event. Ever since then, the information related to the game has been sparse and everyone has been scrambling around to get even a tiny scoop. Recently, Bethesda Executive Todd Howard shared an interesting detail about it.

Howard has officially confirmed in an exclusive interview by that this upcoming game and another most anticipated sequel Elder Scrolls 6 will be single-player games. He shared this interesting information when asked about online multiplayer game Fallout 76 on how it had issues at the start but slowly climbed back up.

The executive confirmed one thing about the game engine that their development team would use for the most bulk of their games. He revealed that the team refreshes the engine with every game they release, but confesses that it “needs more work than it has in previous times.” This is also the reason why they are heavily investing into improving it and they are even getting more people to do engine work compared before.

“The overhaul on our engine is probably the largest we’ve ever had, maybe even larger than Morrowind to Oblivion,” he says.

The reason why they are still using the Creation Engine is its ability to build their gaming worlds and its method of allowing gamers to mod it. The overhaul they have done to it is quite significant and it will power their upcoming games namely Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6. Howard is hoping that people will be happy of the results when they release it later on.

Starfield has no specific release window yet, but it should be available for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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