Starfield Terrormorphs: How to Defeat, Locations, & Drops

Starfield Terrormorphs cover

Terrormorphs are the Starfield equivalent of Deathclaws. These hostile creatures are similar to spiders except they’re bigger than humans, have sharp claws, and can set up ambushes. Terrormorphs have certainly earned their moniker, and plenty of players are having trouble beating them. Here’s a guide that shows you how to defeat Terrormorphs, where you can find them, and what they drop.

How to Defeat Terrormorphs in Starfield

Terrormorphs are vulnerable to energy weapons and explosives. They are also particularly vulnerable to headshots and are susceptible to being stunned. Use long-ranged ENGY rifles to shoot their heads at a distance, and take advantage of Skip Boost packs to keep them away when they come near. If you have to fight close-range, throw as many explosives as you can.

Because of how fast Terrormorphs are, they can quickly swarm your location. Early in the game, an encounter with them is very bad for you because they will kill you in a single hit. This is where your boost pack will come in handy. If you’re still unprepared for a fight, your only other option is to run away.

Terrormorphs can also spit acid at a distance. However, that’s preferable to taking damage from their more powerful claws instead. You can also dodge them if you’re nimble enough.

When fighting against Terrormorphs, you need to be constantly on the move. Stand still, and they’ll be slicing you to pieces before you can blink. Adapt by constantly moving around. However, since running isn’t going to help you get away from them quickly enough, level up your Booster Pack Training skills so you’ll be better able to maneuver around.

Terrormorphs can ambush you by burying themselves underground and rising when you get close. This leaves you very vulnerable to an attack, and you need to move as quickly as possible using boost packs. There are multiple types of boost packs, but we recommend the Skip Packs since they allow you to travel more distance.

Don’t think you’re safe on high ground either, as they can scale it. Keep moving as much as you can against Terrormorphs if you want to stand a chance. If they get near you, drop explosives, and then get away. Or better yet, plant mines before they even get near you.

There are two types of Terrormorphs. The regular black ones and the more rarer and deadlier albino Terrormorphs. If you thought fighting the regular Terrormorph was hard enough, the white ones will rip you to shreds if you don’t think strategically.

Where to Find Terrormorphs in Starfield

You’ll most likely encounter your first Terrormorph in Tau Ceti II when doing the faction quest for UC Vanguard. You won’t be alone as Sarah Morgan and some mechanical turrets are there to assist you take them out. You will come across more of them randomly around the galaxy.

It’s actually very strange how Terrormorphs moved from planet to planet. This creature somehow managed to invade multiple biomes around the galaxy seemingly without intelligence for space travel.

Terrormorph Drops in Starfield

Terrormorphs drop Alien Genetic Material and Quark-degenerate Tissues which you can loot upon their defeat. Alien Genetic Material can restore health upon consumption. Quark-degenerate Tissues are used for crafting personal weapon mods, equipment upgrades, and building materials.

Considering how expensive in terms of resources building a base is in Starfield, hunting Terrormorphs for their Quark-degenerate Tissues isn’t a bad idea. If you’re capable of fighting them, then they’re a good source for resources you need for upgrades you’ll need for your equipment.