Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Archaeology Guide

This guide talks about the Archaeology activity in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and how it works.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Archaeology cover

Archaeology is one of the activities that can be done in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Through this activity, artifacts from a bygone era can be excavated and preserved, while treasures that can be found could be sold for some good amounts of money. Read ahead as we talk about Archaeology and how to do it in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Archaeology Location

Archaeology can be done in the Dig Site which is located at the northeast section of the valley. You can enter the Dig Site any time, but you can only excavate between 10am to 5pm.

How the Dig Site works

To start working in the Dig Site, come in within the operating hours, then talk to Carter and he will let you borrow a shovel. You can then use the shovel to dig the cracked spots on the ground which are usually the sections in the middle of the cave that are not touching the walls.

Once you dig a spot, it will look as a dug hole or a hole with something sticking in it; regardless if it shows something or not, you can keep digging until you get the item. You will know that you have dug up an item if the dig spot glows and an exclamation mark appears. You can decide to check every spot and dig up those that show an item, or you can just continuously dig up one spot until the end of the day. Digging does not consume stamina and you can dig how many times you want until the end of their operating hours.

Once you have decided to stop for the day, Carter will talk to you outside and he will let you take home the treasures that you have dug up, except for the Stone Tablets. If you managed to dig up one of the Stone Tablets, he will take it from you for Flora to study. On your next visit, Flora will tell you about the things that she learned from the tablet which is usually something about the people who lived in the valley a long time ago. You can only dig up one Stone Tablet per year.

Every year, the Dig Site expands, opening up more spaces for you to dig. You will also be able to dig additional items every year which are rarer and sell for higher prices.

Archaeological Finds

These are all the things that can be dug up from the Dig Site:

Year 1 Finds

  • Old Coin – 40G
  • Leaf Fossil – 50G
  • Clay Figure – 60G
  • Moonlight Ore – 100G
  • Golden Fork – 1,000G
  • Stone Tablet C – N/A

Year 2 Finds

  • Fish Fossil – 40G
  • Silver Coin – 80G
  • Clay Horse – 100G
  • Sugarstar Ore – 200G
  • Golden Comb – 1,500G
  • Stone Tablet D – N/A

Year 3 Finds

  • Shell Fossil – 60G
  • Golden Coin – 120G
  • Magatama Stone – 200G
  • Hexagonal Ore – 600G
  • Golden Fish – 2,000G
  • Stone Tablet E – N/A

Year 4 Finds

  • Marine Fossil – 100G
  • Strange Object – 500G
  • Mete-Ore – 800G
  • Golden Crown – 2,500G
  • Stone Tablet F – N/A

Year 5 Finds

  • Stone Wheel – 1,000G
  • Footprint Fossil – 250G
  • Millennium Ore – 1,200G
  • Golden Bear – 3,000G
  • Stone Tablet G – N/A