Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Chapter 5 Traversal Guide

This guide goes through the objectives along with some handy tips for Chapter 5: Traversal of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Chapter 5 Traversal cover

Traversal is the fifth chapter in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Now an adult, the player’s child is preparing to make a decision on what career they would like to take. Read ahead as we talk about the important events and objectives for Chapter 5 Traversal in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and share some tips on how to have a prosperous farm life.

Chapter 5: Traversal Walkthrough

Upon starting the chapter, the first thing you’ll notice is that your kid has grown into an adult. Both you and your spouse have also grown older, as has everyone else in the valley. Because of your age, you’ll notice that your maximum stamina has also decreased. Apart from that, there isn’t anything new to see through this year other than the same festivals, but now with your adult child.

Adult Stage

Adult Stage - Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Chapter 5 Traversal Walkthrough

This year will be the final chance that you would be able to influence the interests of your child, as they will decide what career they will take by the end of the year, Winter 10. Depending on what they choose, they will either stay in the valley to keep taking care of the farm or leave the valley to pursue their passion at the end of the game. Check out our Child Career Endings guide to see what to expect at the career events on the final day of the year.

At the beginning of the year, a scene will play that depends on your child’s current interest. While going through this year, your child will occasionally give you a gift inside the box depending on their highest interest, so try to check it often.

Family Events

Family Events - Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Chapter 5 Traversal Walkthrough

There are certain family events to look forward to that deals with your family during this year:

  • Surprise Anniversary Treat – Any day after Spring, enter your house from 5pm onwards to trigger this event. You will also need to have both your spouse and your child’s friendship points higher than 50%. During this event, your spouse will talk to you saying that you’re being called by your child. You will then be greeted by your child and Takakura who have prepared a special dinner for both of you to celebrate your marriage.
  • Love Advice – Enter your room to trigger this event. They will ask you if you have time to talk; select “What is it?”. They will ask you if you think that it’s weird to think about someone so much; select “No, not really.” then “Be more confident in yourself.”. They will then reveal who they’re thinking about, either Kate or Hugh, then your spouse will come in and give their advice as well.
  • Home Upgrade – To unlock this event, you must first complete Daryl’s request of getting x3 Hyper Drinks to get the Tool Kit. On the next day, your child will ask you if they can borrow the tools for a bit. The following day, enter your house and you will see that your child has made some shelving on the walls where your kitchen utensils are now stored.

Farm Life

There are no longer any set objectives when it comes to running the farm. During this year, you can focus on getting all the max upgrades for your farm and see if you can complete all of the Hybrid Crops that exist. You can also take the time to complete all the Wonders that you haven’t unlocked yet, or just talk to everyone in the valley and max out your friendship meters with them.