Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Dig Site Guide

This guide talks about the Dig Site and the archeological finds that can be found in it in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Dig Site cover

The Dig Site is a location within the Forgotten Valley in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life where players can unearth many valuable treasures. Some of these treasures provide a glimpse of what was life like in the past within the valley. Read ahead as we talk about the Dig Site and what can be done in it in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

About the Dig Site

The Dig Site is located northeast of where the farm is. Also known as the ruins, it is where Carter and Flora have set up their home and they are also the people in charge of the excavation project in the area.

You can visit the Dig Site almost every day in every season except for the 3rd and the 8th days of a season, or whenever is Van has set up his shop in town. Between 10am to 5pm, you can talk to Carter inside the Dig Site and he will lend you a shovel and let you help them work within the site.

How to work in the Dig Site

Once you have borrowed the shovel, you can then start digging the ground within the Dig Site. Digging does not consume stamina and you can dig as much as you want within the operating hours of the site.

Start by digging on the cracked tiles on the ground. You can dig the same spot several times, with every dig having a random chance of getting some treasures from it. Sometimes, parts of an item show up within these spots indicating that you are close to unearthing whatever it is. If you have dug up something, an exclamation mark will appear on top of your character’s head.

Once you decide to stop digging for the day, Carter will then talk to you outside of the site and he will let you bring home all the things the you’ve dug up with you. You can then either keep these for your own collection, give them as presents to the villagers, or sell them over at Van’s Shop.

Every year, there is a small chance of digging up a stone tablet. Carter will take the tablet from you to have Flora study it. These tablets usually tell something more about the early civilization that has lived within the valley, which carter will tell you about the next time you talk to him.

The Dig Site also expands year after year, allowing you to dig more spots and unearth even more valuable finds.

Since Carter and Flora will be with you within the site as you work, they will be moving around and can either block your digging spot or push you around, so be aware and try to work around their walking paths.

Dig Site Finds

The kinds of finds or treasures that you can get from the Dig Site ranges from old coins to ancient idols. All of the stuff that you find here, except for the stone tablets, are meant to be sold for money or be gifted to somebody else. The bigger the site grows every year, the better the value of the finds that you unearth will be.

Listed below are the finds that you can get in every expansion:

Year 1 Finds

  • Old Coin – 40G
  • Leaf Fossil – 50G
  • Clay Figure – 60G
  • Moonlight Ore – 100G
  • Golden Fork – 1,000G
  • Stone Tablet C – N/A

Year 2 Finds

  • Fish Fossil – 40G
  • Silver Coin – 80G
  • Clay Horse – 100G
  • Sugarstar Ore – 200G
  • Golden Comb – 1,500G
  • Stone Tablet D – N/A

Year 3 Finds

  • Shell Fossil – 60G
  • Golden Coin – 120G
  • Magatama Stone – 200G
  • Hexagonal Ore – 600G
  • Golden Fish – 2,000G
  • Stone Tablet E – N/A

Year 4 Finds

  • Marine Fossil – 100G
  • Strange Object – 500G
  • Mete-Ore – 800G
  • Golden Crown – 2,500G
  • Stone Tablet F – N/A

Year 5 Finds

  • Stone Wheel – 1,000G
  • Footprint Fossil – 250G
  • Millennium Ore – 1,200G
  • Golden Bear – 3,000G
  • Stone Tablet G – N/A