Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Gift Guide – Best Gifts for Every Character

Boost relationships in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and know the best gifts to give to every character using our guide.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Gift Guide - Best Gifts for Each Character

Giving Gifts in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is one of the best ways to boost relationships with every villager in Forget-Me-Not Valley. Not only will it increase friendship levels, but it will also open up possibilities for romance and marriage. So if you’re one of those people who finds themselves wondering what to do or what the best gifts are for every character they encounter, don’t fret.

This guide will teach you how to give gifts and list down all the best gifts you can give for each character in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, so read on.

SoS AWL: How to Give Gifts

To give gifts in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, select an item from your bag, hold it in your hand, and then interact with the character you wish to give it to. After that, a prompt to give or not to give will show up.

Think twice before giving gifts since this can affect relationships positively or negatively depending on each character’s preference and personality. You can always say no or not give them the items if you’re not sure enough.

Gifts can be given to the same character multiple times in a day, but each of them must be different for them to count. We recommend giving gifts to bachelors and bachelorettes first if you’re looking for romance in the game.

SoS AWL: Best Gifts for Each Character

Below, we have a full list of each character and their corresponding favorite gifts:

Vesta’s Farm Characters

  • Cecilia – Animal Products, Eggs, Flowers, Vegetables
  • Matthew – Animal Products, Meals, A-Grade Crops, S-Grade Crops
  • Takakura – Eggs, Meals, Milk
  • Vesta – Curry, Flowers, Milk, Vegetables

The Dig Site Characters

  • Carter – Eggs, Milk, Salads, Sashimi
  • Flora – Eggs, Milk, Soups, Vegetables

The Forest Characters

  • Mukumuku – Eggs, Fish, Flowers, Vegetables
  • Pui – Meals (except for fishes), Milk

The Townhouses Characters (Year One)

  • Chris – Flowers, Fruits, Milk
  • Gary – Clay Figurines, Coins, Fish, Meals
  • Hugh – Gemstones, Meals, Milk (May vary based on his age)
  • Nina – Fish, Flowers
  • Sully – Eggs, Milk, Sashimi, Vegetables

The Townhouses Characters (Year Two)

  • Baddoch – Coins, Fish, Fossils, Gemstones
  • Garrett – Eggs, Milk, Sashimi
  • Kate – Coins, Eggs, Flowers, Ores
  • San – Eggs, Flowers, Meals, Milk

Gustafa and Gordy’s Yard Characters

  • Gordy – Eggs, Flowers, Meals, Vegetables
  • Gustafa – Curry, Flowers, Meals, Ores

The Inn Characters

  • Lou – Fruits, Milk, Vegetables
  • Nami – Clay Figurines, Soups, Trick Blue Flowers, Vegetables
  • Rock – Fossils, Meals, Mist Moon Flowers, Toy Flowers
  • Tei – Coins, Flowers, Gemstones, Meals

The Bluebird Cafe Characters

  • Gavin – Coins, Eggs, Fish, Gemstones
  • Molly – Coins, Curry, Flowers

The Villa Characters

  • Lumina – Eggs, Flowers, Gemstone, Meals, Moonlight Ore
  • Romana – Clay Figurines, Flowers, Gemstones, Milk
  • Sebastian – Coins, Fish, Flowers, Gemstones

Other Characters

  • Charlie – Fish, Flowers
  • Cole – Gemstones, Milk
  • Daryl – Coins, Eggs, Fish, Fossils
  • Van – Coins, Eggs, Gemstones, Vegetables