Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Money Guide

This guide talks about the easy ways of earning money in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Money cover

Gold is the main currency or money in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Making enough of it can be quite challenging at first with all the expensive tools and upgrades, plus the limited time each season and year has. Read ahead to learn how to maximize gold earnings in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life as we share some tips and tricks for making money in the game.

How to earn Gold early in the game

As you start taking over the farm, you only have a a few amount of Gold on you. However, you do have other ways of increasing your income right away as the farm and even the valley will provide for you.


Foraging is one of the best starting ways on how to earn money. You can simply go do a quick route around the valley to pick up the wild plants that you can then sell for a quick profit at the end of the day. Also, it’s an activity that does not consume any stamina.

Seed Maker and Farming

Seed Maker and Farming - How to earn Gold early in the game in SoS: AWL

The Seed Maker is a very important tool to get as early as possible. You will need to befriend Daryl to get it and the best way to do so is to catch fishes and giving them to him. Once your friendship level with Daryl reaches around 90%, he will give you a Seed Maker for free.

The Seed Maker allows you to convert your crops and fruits into seeds, saving you money from buying more seeds in the long run. Also, there are certain fruits and crops that have seeds that can sell more than the harvest itself. This mostly works for B Rank harvests as its effectiveness goes down once the quality rank goes up.

One of the best crops to plant are:

  • Watermelon – Grows during Spring and Summer.
  • Melon – Grows during Summer and Autumn.
  • Potato – Grows during Spring and Winter.

Pro-tip: When planting trees, you can plant them on the edges of the plot so that they won’t take up too much space; trees usually block a 3×3 space around itself and they are not prohibited from being planted on plot edges.

Dairy and Poultry Products

Dairy and Poultry Products - How to earn Gold early in the game in SoS: AWL

At the start of your game, you will be given a cow that you can raise and get milk from. You can sell this milk right away, or you can cook it as Milk Soup, then stock up on the soup to sell to Van whenever he visits the town. You can get 50G more per soup that you sell compared to just selling bottles of milk on their own.

If you manage to get either the Cheese Maker or Butter Maker, you can then process the milk that you get to earn more.

As for the chickens, you only need to buy a female and a male. The female chicken will lay an egg for you everyday as long as it is fed, which you can sell daily. By having a male chicken, you can then expect to see fertilized eggs to get laid inside the coop. You can then place these fertilized egg on the next box and it will hatch into a chick that can give you more eggs if they turn out to be female, too.

Dig Site Finds

Dig Site Finds - How to earn Gold early in the game in SoS: AWL

If you find yourself having free time within your daily routine, you may want to consider digging up for some treasure in the Dig Site. Most of the finds that you get from there are meant to be sold, and some of them are so rare that they can fetch you high amounts of gold. Digging also does not consume any stamina, so it’s a great way to stay productive while passing the time.


Fishing - How to earn Gold early in the game in SoS: AWL

Fishing is not actually a lucrative activity in the early parts of the game, but if you start fishing as much as possible in your early years, then you can get the Golden Fishing rod by your third year (and after fishing for 500 times). This rod allows you to fish in the ocean where the valuable fishes can be caught from.

Earning Gold in the Mid and Late Game

As your farm grows, you can unlock more ways to grow your income. You will also have the opportunity to optimize your activities and focus on which ones can get you a higher profit margin.

Hybrid Crops and Fruits

Hybrid Crops and Fruits - Earning Gold in the Mid and Late Game in SoS: AWL

Hybrid Crops are the best ways to get a lot of money in the game. Crops that are the product of crossbreeding can often be sold at a high price. There are also flowers that can be crossbred with seeds that will impart special traits such as the ability to be planted in any season, or an increased quality. Combining the hybrid mechanic with the seed maker and you will be able to grow and perpetuate top quality crops all year long.

Different crops have different amounts of yield per day of growing. When considering this, these are just some of the hybrid crops that you may want to grow in your farm:

  • Sweetmel – Obtained from combining Melon and Sweet Potato. It is ready to harvest within 7 days and grows during Summer and Autumn.
  • Melosweet – Obtained from combining Watermelon and Sweet Potato. It is ready to harvest within 8 days and grows during Spring and Summer.
  • Potamelo – Obtained from combining Melon and Potato. It is ready to harvest within 8 days and grows during Summer and Autumn.

Selling Wool

Selling Wool - Earning Gold in the Mid and Late Game in SoS: AWL

As you progress through the game, you can then purchase Sheep to take care of. These Sheep can be shorn every 5 days to get Wool which can then be sold for lots of money, making it a good way to get passive income without doing so much. The only catch is that Sheep share barn slots with Cows, so you have to decide whether how much of each animal you would want to keep.