Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Nina’s Story Events Guide

This guide talks about Nina's story events and how to trigger them in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Nina cover

Nina is one of the elderly villagers living in the Forgotten Valley in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. She lives with her husband Gary and just spends time with him every moment she can. Read ahead as we go through all of Nina’s story events in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and how to trigger them.

Spoiler Alert: This guide will have spoilers about Nina’s events that are major points for the game’s story.

Nina’s Story Events and Triggers

Nina has several story events that can only be triggered in Year 1. These events can be missed since she will pass away at the start of Year 2.

Nina’s Fighting Spirit

Nina's Fighting Spirit - Nina's Story Events and Triggers in SoS: AWL

This event has two versions, but you can only see one of them. The only main difference is the angle of the camera when the event plays. To trigger this, you will have to be inside either Gordy’s house or Gustafa’s yurt during Fall or Winter; it can only be done on days other than the 3rd or 8th, and the weather can either be sunny or cloudy. Then, go outside between 9am to 5pm to see the event.

In this event, Nina can be seen racing against the turtle. When the turtle seems like it’s about to win, it then gets stuck on a tree, giving Nina the chance to get ahead and win the race.

Nina’s Dream

This event, or dialogue, is a trigger to the next event. To trigger this, do the previous event first, then talk to Nina any day afterwards; preferably when she’s out walking during a sunny day and before the first week of Winter, Year 1 ends.

Upon talking to her, she will ask if she has ever told you about her dream. Choose the option that she hasn’t, and she will tell you about her dream where she appears to be invited by the Nature Sprites into their home. They told her about their pot named Mr. Potson, but then Nina could not remember what happened next. If you visit the sprites’ home after this, you can check the pot, but you won’t see anything in there.

Nina’s Challenge

This event can be triggered only during Winter 5th onwards, excluding the 8th, either on a sunny or cloudy weather. Go inside the Blue Bird Cafe then go back out anytime between 9am to 5pm to see the event.

In this event, Nina is seen being challenged to a race by Hugh. As Hugh runs ahead, the Nature Sprites appear before Nina and help her win the race by teleporting her at the finish line ahead of Hugh.

Nina’s Death

Nina's Death - Nina's Story Events and Triggers in SoS: AWL

Nina’s death is an unpreventable part of the story, as it was back in the previous Harvest Moon games. It is also uneventful as there’s no cutscene that shows anything about her death; we just see her gravestone being tended by Gary in Year 2.

All of Nina’s events in the game are not necessary for the story’s progression in the game. However, these moments just show more of what Nina was like, how she lived her life in the town, and how she interacted with the people and other inhabitants of the valley.

Does Nina come back to life in Heaven Mode?

Sadly, Nina does not come back in Heaven Mode or Chapter 7: Beyond as the chapter mostly reverts the valley back to what it was like in Year 2.

Gravestone Mini-game

You can play the gravestone mini-game by talking to Gary once he’s near Nina’s gravestone. To play this game, you simply need to press the button as soon as the light ring gets inside the center ring. If you manage to complete the mini-game with high points, Gary will give you a reward which usually is a fish he caught.