Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass (Explained)

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass featured

The Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass may sound like a familiar concept to those who have been playing other games. It gives you opportunities to earn rewards, which are usually cosmetic, and there’s both a free and premium track. Yes, it’s this game’s name for a Battle Pass. Use this guide to learn how the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass works.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass Rewards

Here are the rewards for both the free and premium track of the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass:

Free Fighting Pass Rewards

  • Tier 2: Rental Fighter
  • Tier 3: Rental Fighter
  • Tier 5: Sticker
  • Tier 8: Floating in the Ocean Background
  • Tier 11: Fireworks Filter
  • Tier 14: Alluring Mermaid Title
  • Tier 17: Cheer 3 Emote
  • Tier 20: Inner Tube Alpha

Premium Fighting Pass Rewards

  • Tier 1: Legendary Wings Classic Game
  • Tier 2: Daring Summer Swimsuit (Top)
  • Tier 3: Sticker
  • Tier 4: Sea Dweller Title
  • Tier 5: Cammy Stage 1 (Music)
  • Tier 6: Daring Summer Swimsuit (Bottom)
  • Tier 7: Smack! Filter
  • Tier 8: Hot Fighter Summer Title
  • Tier 9: Sticker
  • Tier 10: Inner Tube
  • Tier 11: Dee Jay’s Stage 1 (Music)
  • Tier 12: Uninhibited Dance Emote
  • Tier 13: Sticker
  • Tier 14: Rash Guard (Top)
  • Tier 15: Summer Glow Background
  • Tier 16: Sticker
  • Tier 17: T. Hawk Stage 1 (Music)
  • Tier 18: Sticker
  • Tier 19: Rash Guard (Bottom)
  • Tier 20: Sun’s Out Guns Out Title
  • Tier 21: Fighter Coins x10
  • Tier 22: Fighter Coins x10
  • Tier 23: Fighter Coins x10
  • Tier 24: Fighter Coins x10
  • Tier 25: Fighter Coins x10
  • Tier 26: Fighter Coins x10
  • Tier 27: Fighter Coins x20
  • Tier 28: Fighter Coins x20
  • Tier 29: Fighter Coins x50
  • Tier 30: Fighter Coins x100

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass Dates

The current Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass will run from June 12, 2023, to July 2, 2023, giving players a little under one month to collect everything it has to offer. Since the Fighting Pass only has 30 tiers, getting all the rewards shouldn’t take too long as long as you continue to do the daily and weekly challenges.

How Does the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass Work?

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass

The Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass works by giving you rewards as you progress through the 30 tiers that it offers. Those rewards depend on whether you’re only on the free track or on the premium version. You can progress through tiers by doing daily and weekly challenges, which can be seen on the Rewards page in the Main Menu.

How to Unlock the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass?

The Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass has two versions, the free one is unlocked by default. It will cost you 250 Fighter Coins ($6.99 USD) to unlock the premium track, which offers more rewards than the free version.

You can skip the grind and pay 600 Fighter Coins ($11.99 USD) to automatically skip 10 tiers. This will grab the rewards along the way and get you significantly closer to completing the track.

It’s worth noting that the only way you can get Fighter Coins is by paying for them with actual money. There’s no way to earn them through in-game activities.

Is the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass Worth It?

With the rewards being offered, the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass doesn’t seem worth it. It has a few cool cosmetics, but with only 30 tracks, it can be hard to shell out $6.99 USD just to unlock the premium track. On the bright side, completing the entire premium track does get you the full 250 Fighter Coins refund, which means you can purchase the next Fighting Pass that comes out.