Street Fighter 6 Marisa Guide: How to Play

Street Fighter 6 Marisa featured

Making her debut in Street Fighter 6, Marisa is an unconventional bruiser with powerful melee strikes that could shatter through any defense. While other characters fight with grace, Marisa’s brutal martial arts give you satisfying hits packed with pure muscle at the cost of being a bit slower and a bit of a large target. Use this guide to learn how to play Marisa in Street Fighter 6.

How to Play Marisa in Street Fighter 6?

Marisa is a medium-ranged powerhouse who’s best at applying pressure at opponents until they crack an opening. This is one character you want to constantly be on the offensive as putting opponents on their guard leaves them open to many of Marisa’s guard-breaking Unique attacks. When played right, you’ll be delivering punishing attacks to enemies who can’t find a counterattack because of your constant pressure.

Enemies can still be pushed by back Marisa even when an attacked is blocked. Use your heavy strikes to keep pushing them back until they’re cornered and zoned. Take advantage of whenever you knock an opponent down for follow up attacks before they can even get back up and retaliate.

The Gladius and Drive Rush are Special Attacks that are not only get Marisa close to opponents but are also great counterattacks. These attacks will blow through enemy jabs and knock them back. It’s a great strategy against enemies seeking to counterattack against your aggressive play.

Because of how large and slightly slower Marisa is compared to other more nimble fighters, you want to minimize your hitbox as much as possible by constantly crouching. Marisa can find herself at a disadvantage against long-ranged opponents like Dhalsim.

Marisa Moveset

Marisa Special Moves - Street Fighter 6 Marisa Guide

Special Moves

  • Dimachaerus: Down > Down-Backward > Backward + Punch
    • Costs 2 Drive Gauge Bars
  • Gladius: Down > Down-Forward > Forward + Punch
    • Can be charged by holding
    • Costs 2 Drive Gauge Bars
  • Phalanx: Forward > Down > Down-Forward + Punch
    • Costs 2 Drive Gauge Bars
  • Quadriga: Down > Down-Backward > Backward + Kick
    • Costs 2 Drive Gauge Bars
  • Scutum: Down > Down-Backward > Backward + Kick
    • Costs 2 Drive Gauge Bars
    • Automatically chains into Tonitrus
    • Can be chained into Procella: Down > Down-Backward > Backward + Kick > Kick
    • Can be chained into Enfold: Down > Down-Backward > Backward + Kick > Light Punch + Light Kick
    • Can be chained into Volare: Down > Down-Backward > Backward + Kick > Medium Punch > Medium Punch

Unique Attacks

  • Caelum Arc (airborne): Down + Heavy Punch
  • Magna Bunker: Backward + Heavy Punch

Chain Combos

  • Falx Crusher: Forward + Heavy Kick > Forward + Heavy Kick
  • Heavy Two-Hitter: Heavy Punch > Heavy Punch
  • Light Two-Hitter: Light Punch > Light Punch
  • Malleus Breaker: Forward-Down + Heavy Punch > Forawrd Down + Heavy Punch
  • Medium Two-Hitter: Medium Punch > Medium Punch
  • Novacula Swipe: Forward + Medium Punch > Heavy Punch
  • Volare Combo (airborne): Medium Punch > Medium Punch
Marisa Super Arts - Street Fighter 6 Marisa Guide

Super Arts

  • Goddess of the Hunt: Down > Down-Forward > Forward > Down > Down-Forward > Forward + Kick
    • Costs 3 Super Art Gauge
  • Javelin of Marisa: Down > Right-Forward > Forward > Down > Right-Forward > Forward + Punch
    • Costs 1 Super Art Gauge
  • Meteorite: Down > Down-Backwards > Backwards > Down > Down-Backwards > Backwards + Punch
    • Costs 2 Super Art Gauge

Marisa Best Combos

Here are the best combos for Marisa in Street Fighter 6:

Two Hitter + Phalanx

Marisa Combos - Two Hitter + Phalanx - Street Fighter 6 Marisa Guide
(While Standing) Light Punch > Light Punch > Forward > Down > Down-Forward + Punch


(While Standing) Medium Punch > Medium Punch > Forward > Down > Down-Forward + Punch

A good combo to get started when pushing the enemy back is to use her light or medium Two Hitters and then immediately follow up with the Phalanx. The Two-Hitters puts your opponents on the defense before being caught off guard by the Phalanx. It’s a pretty easy combo to do which doesn’t require that much practice or setup and is very useful for both beginner and intermediate levels of play.

Medium Punch + Gladius

(While Crouching) Medium Punch > Quarter-Circle Forward + Medium Punch

A simple but incredibly powerful combo is to rely on Marisa’s Gladius to put pressure on the enemy. It does require that you have at least 2 Drive Gauge Bars but it can be incredibly useful since it allows you to phase through enemies attacks simply by charging up Gladius.

Novacula Swipe + Javelin of Marisa

Forward + Medium Punch > Heavy Punch > Quarter-Circle Forward > Quarter-Circle Forward > Punch

Using the Novacula Swipe before transitioning into the Javelin of Marisa can feel a bit slow but it breaks through enemy armor which will put even the most aggressive enemies to a halt. You’ll have to practice this combo though because landing it can require some precision. Once you have a Super Art Gauge filled, use Novacula Swipe to down your opponent and then pin them down with the Javelin of Marisa.

Marisa Counters

Because of how Marisa excels in close to medium-ranged fighting, you want to take advantage of long-ranged, high mobility fighters on principle when fighting against her. You’ll find that fighters like Dhalsim and JP are the best when going against her. Pester her with projectile attacks and jump around to avoid getting in range of her superman punches and clinches.

Marisa is great against close-ranged specialists like Cammy and Chun-Li because of her powerful counters. She has plenty of heavy attacks that can be charged so she can avoid damage so try to avoid fighting her up close unless you know you can quickly get away.

Who is Marisa in Street Fighter 6?

Marisa and Lucius - Street Fighter 6 Marisa Guide

Marisa is an upbeat and good-natured fighter from Italy who works as a jewelry designer when she isn’t fighting. She has a deep knowledge of history, bring proud of her Greek heritage and even claiming ancestry Ancient Greek warriors. Despite her hot bloodedness, she always follows a code of good sportsmanship and praises her opponents after a fight.

Pankration is Marisa’s fighting style which consists of heavy blows that pushes enemies back. A few moves from her fighting style is named directly after gladiatorial weapons such as the Gladius and Phalanx reflecting her love of the Ancient Greek gladiator combat. She even has a pet lion named Lucius who she had a strong bond with since they were young.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Marisa eagerly loves without restriction of gender. However potential suitors are tested in combat as Marisa in Street Fighter 6 hosts a tournament to find a life’s partner to marry.