All 9 Central Business District Riddler Trophy Locations – Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

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The Central Business District of Metropolis is home to many major corporations in the city. There you will find property owned by Lex Luthor, Oliver Queen, Booster Gold, Ted Kord, and even the disgraced Simon Stagg. But those are just the ones that come top of mind. It is in this sizable area that Riddler has decided to hide away nearly a quarter of his trophies.

In this guide, I’ll tell you where you can find all the Riddler trophies in the Central Business District of Metropolis. The district is sizable in terms of how much area you’ll be searching. Thankfully, it is broken up into smaller smaller areas thanks to the corporations’ size measuring content. Though admittedly, there are a couple of very well-hidden trophies that took me some time to find.

The list above is the locations where you can find the trophies for this district. The map pinpoints their location accurately as they appear on the in-game map. With a few exceptions for some of the more well-hidden trophies. If you still have trouble narrowing down your search, the rest of this article is dedicated to breaking down that trophy’s surroundings.

Trophy #1: Berkowitz Airport Hangar

The first trophy is located on the underside of the hydraulic lift that has the Air Lingo plane on top of it. The entrance to the hangar is located on either side of the airport’s runway. This trophy is one of the hardest ones to find in the district if you’re just guessing. This involves you going to the tip of the Northeast corner of the map and you’ll have to intentionally drop down into the hangar.

Trophy #2: Metropolis Sky Bridge

The second trophy is located in the middle of a display pool turned public jacuzzi of a Metropolis Sky Bridge in the Northern part of the district. The bridge is right next to the airport and is visible from far away.

I don’t know what these people were doing in a display pool but they liked it so much, they brought an inflatable duck to keep them company.

Trophy #3: Kord Industries

This trophy is located on top of the centerpiece display of the central garden inside Kord Industries. At least it should be. The picture above shows the trophy being knocked off the display. It usually sits on top of the display.

The Kord Industries building can be found on the East side of the district. It pretty much has the area to itself with no other buildings of note around it. I’m guessing Ted Kord paid top dollar for the location.

Trophy #4: Metropolis University

The fourth trophy is located on top of the southernmost tower of Metropolis University. The university can be found on the Southeast edge of the district past Grand Central Station.

Trophy #5: Mermaid Statue, Sivana Industries

The fifth trophy can be found behind a mermaid statue in the middle of the extended observation deck of the Sivana Industries building. The observation deck sits comfortably between the Amertek Industries building and Booster Gold International. It’s hard to miss if you’re wandering around the district.

Trophy #6: Queen Consolidated

The sixth Riddler trophy is located on top of Queen Consolidated, specifically the top of the golden brickwork that runs along the side of the building. This can easily be missed due to how high the trophy is. But that won’t be a problem for curious players wanting to have a lay of the land. Besides, scaling the brickwork was fun.

Trophy #7: Destroyed Lex Luthor Statue

This trophy should be one of the easiest ones to find. Not only is it in the heart of the district, it is attached to the interior of what’s left of Luthor’s statue. The statue takes up so much of the visual real estate of the district that it’s nearly impossible to miss.

Trophy #8: Lex Corp Main Entrance

The eighth trophy is located at the front doors of Lex Corp. It is surprisingly easy to find as well as the area is a story mission location. If you ever see the Riddler trophy icon appear on your map. Don’t forget to look when you visit Luthor.

Trophy #9: Neo-Tokyo

The ninth and final trophy for the district is located under a paper lantern inside the Neo-Tokyo complex. It is worth noting that the lantern display can be found in the middle section a few floors above street level. You’ll probably have to shoot this one down to get it. As for Neo-Tokyo itself, the complex can be found on the Western edge of the district.

And that’s all the Riddler trophies you can find in the Central Business District. This also concludes our series on the Riddler trophy locations in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. I hope you found our information useful in your attempt to get all the trophies in the game. If you are interested, you can check out my other guide going through all the Riddler riddle solutions for the district.